The Decider – Review

The Decider – Review

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The Decider – Review

Are you good at deciding things? If you took more than five seconds to answer that question, then The Decider app is for you! 

Those first world problems like..

Who’d win a fight between Bruce Lee & Chuck Norris?

What colour tie should I wear today?

What’s funnier? Cat or baby videos on YouTube?

If you can’t decide yourself then The Decider can. Built in Holo #YOLOHolo the all knowing Owl can give you the answer if you give it your choices. Also a very simple yes or no, or, pick a number between… No more shall man be undecided or unsure about anything, we can have faith in the wise Owl’s answer.

Which is the best cartoon, oh wise Owl?

 Screenshot#1 Screenshot#2 Screenshot#3

Funny I’d have said Family Guy. The Simpsons haven’t been funny since 1995 or so. H’mmm, maybe the wise Owl isn’t as smart as I thought.  (You can slide the slider to show favouritism to whichever answer you would prefer. )

Another pretty cool feature is pick a number. You won’t get any more random than these answers.

    Screenshot#4 Screenshot#5 


A fun little application, built to Google’s recommended guidelines. There’s no adverts or pro version, just a unique app of it’s kind. You’ll find the link below to download from the Play Store. Have a listen for the sound when you get an answer, I’m pretty sure this Owl thinks he’s a chicken.

 NEW!! Google-Play

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