The Latest Surveillance Trends Providing Better Security For Businesses

The Latest Surveillance Trends Providing Better Security For Businesses

 The surveillance industry is booming in the United States, with 70 million surveillance cameras installed in total across the country, CBS News reports. Increasing affordability, technological advancements, and the need for tighter security are the three main drivers of this trend. Business owners, in particular, can benefit from the stronger security provided by the latest video surveillance technology.

Multi-dimensional perception

 Security cameras equipped with multi-dimensional perception provide businesses with greater comprehensive protection than ever before. Multi-dimensional perception essentially extends beyond the range of visual sight; now security cameras can record other “senses” to monitor and alert business owners to incidents. For example, thermal cameras provide a cutting-edge method of video surveillance: they can detect pressure, heat and smoke, and play a key role in fire prevention. Additionally, cameras with centimeter and millimeter wave radars can detect movement beyond the usual range — up to 100 meters away in any weather condition.

Ultra-high definition

 Higher image resolution means security industry technology can now provide business owners with greater image and video clarity. Ultra-high definition technology is becoming an increasingly affordable option — largely thanks to improving bandwidth, lower latency, and the growing uptake of both 4K and 8K resolution cameras (the latter providing the clearest image possible). Additionally, encoding technology is continually evolving to produce lower video bitrates. When the bitrate is reduced, storage and bandwidth expenses are in turn also lowered — making it an even more affordable choice for business owners.

AI-powered systems

For larger businesses with a greater number of security cameras, manually reviewing the footage when necessary can end up being a virtually impossible task, which therefore leaves the organization vulnerable to security breaches. Fortunately, AI-powered security systems strengthen protection by identifying potential security risks before they’re able to impact the business. With AI technology, security cameras and surveillance equipment work together to learn about potential security threats — specifically, they can learn to recognize individuals, behaviors and vehicles. So, if an unauthorized individual enters a private area, for example, the AI system automatically sends out an alert. Security teams can then respond and neutralize the threat.

Video surveillance technology is continually evolving to provide business owners with improved protection and greater peace of mind. Multi-dimensional perception, ultra-high definition, and AI-powered systems are some of the biggest trends helping businesses better protect their employees, assets and premises.

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