These are the top 5 Mobile Games in 2020


Mobile games have gained vast popularity in recent years. Whether you are a casual gamer or you need some popular game options to build on your Google play library, you will always find a game that suits you. Due to the abundant choices of various sets available, picking the right one can be quite challenging. Here are several options that you can choose to keep you entertained throughout.

PUBG Mobile

PubG mobile has had many downloads and reviewers, thanks to its competent mobile FPS. It introduces a new concept of the battle royale, where 100 people will drop from a plane onto an island for a fight. Your goal is to take down 99 people who have the same purpose since there will only be one winner.

Note that the battle area continues to shrink gradually as the game proceeds to draw the players closer. The battle island features various gears, vehicles, and other mechanics to prevent it from running too long. The game also avails straightforward and useful controls, reasonable graphics, and a unique number of options for mobile gamers.
The gun recall will give you a nearly real experience since you can improve your guns aiming and firing using various attachments. If you don’t like playing alone, you can opt for the duo and four-person squad options. 

Call of Duty

It’s another ruling mobile game community downloadable on both IOS and Android versions. It features incredible graphics, smooth gameplay and two modes. At the battle royale, you aim at surviving the 100 players experience, while in the multiplayer you play in the traditional 5v5 team-based combat. If you enjoy the shooting action, then this is an ideal option with new updates and incredible game modes, including the sniper and the zombie actions.

The game features outstanding game outplays that creates a realism element. The crosshair scope, the exceptional control of drone strikes, and the gun recoil will boost your gaming experience. You will also love the excellent server hold-ups and more comfortable controls.
Additionally, Call of Duty supports a lucrative esport betting scene giving you a chance to win real money. When you opt for the esport betting option, you will enjoy various rewards, including the free spins without deposit 2021, that will make your gaming activities more exciting.


If you wish to lose yourself in a fiction based world filled with elegant blocks, you may want to try out Minecraft. It’s an incredible option, especially if you enjoy chilling and relaxing creative modes. It merely places you into a giant world where you will mine items, come up with buildings, and even fight off enemies. However, it will help if you go through a trial mode before proceeding to the paid app.
You can choose to play the creative mode where you have all the resources. At the survival mode, you will mine your supplies, get your food, and protect your items. It’s quite thrilling since you will continuously encounter spiders, creepers, or zombies, and if you lose your resources, you will have to start from the beginning. You can enjoy the game on any smartphone or tablet, and the version supports both Android and iOS platforms.

Zynga Poker

The Zynga poker brings an exceptional combination of poker and solitaire if you enjoy some relaxing poker options. It brings out a real table experience thanks to the incredible graphics and the simple interface. You will enjoy the social experience where you meet and interact with multiple players all over the world.
You can either play with your Facebook or Zynga Poker account and if you have none, you can still enjoy a match at the guest option. Like any other poker in Latvia, you have a chance to choose cash, shootout tournaments, sit-n-go, or fast tables. It’s available for both Android and iPhones, and you will earn free spins on your first logins.


It’s one of the most significant releases in 2020 that features 90 levels, some exciting humor, and satisfying controls. It has an excellent custom level builder function where you can build levels upload them to the game and even share them with others. If you pick up the delivery personal during training, then you need to get the robot up to the final level, simulating realistic delivery operations.
At the game, each level features a unique leaderboard and other speedy running features that bring about a smooth gameplay experience. Besides, it comes with a cross-platform cloud saves, and an official discord channel to cover all the basics for a mobile platform.


Playing mobile games will help you interact with a huge gaming community and excitingly relieves stress. The above guideline compiles a detailed list of various popular mobile games that you can try out.

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  1. Thank you for this article. Perhaps, you’d be interested in the same niche in Latvia.

  2. Currently I’m still immersed in the 2020 game world, even though 4 years have passed but I seem to be too lazy to change, I miss my friend who used to play with me 4 years ago.


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