Timberman – Game Review

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Timberman – Game Review


If you are a fan of flappy bird and are playing 3rd rate clones found on the Play Store… STOP…. NOW!

A new frustrating and highly addictive endless  style game is on the Play Store and has been downloaded over five hundred thousand times already. You become a Lumberjack cutting down an endless tree to the death. Noooo really go too slow and you will die. You’ll get hit by a branch and you will die. Dead, no more. Those are about the only rules in the game. You tap on the Left or Right side of the screen depending which side you want to cut from. It’s so simple I’ve already used more words than I should have explaining it.

(If you’ve ever felt the urge to pack it all in at home, buy a checked shirt and book a flight to Canada to become a Lumberjack, now you can experience your fantasy on your Android phone or tablet.) Okay, maybe not but readers will be aware exactly what this game offers. A simple but highly addictive time waster. You may even learn some new swear words.


TM screen#1 TM screen#2


Timberman does have In App Purchases but they are cheap and fair. £0.79p to remove adverts and another £0.79p to unlock all skins.  It seems all skins can be unlocked in the game but you could always pay anyway to support the game developers. The Viking with the hat and patch certainly look like a badass. (See screen two) The game has Google Play Services Leader Boards so you can always check how your scores are compared to friends and how you stack up against the rest of the world.



We have provided a quick video review which you can watch right here.


You can grab Timberman from the link below;

Google Play link to silly walks game

Digital Melody

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