TINYSTICKY The instantaneous car phone holder

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TinySticky is a super innovative, double sided sticky pad made of high quality, non-toxic rubber.


There are plenty of gummy anti­slip dashboard pads out there, but TinySticky is the smallest, most versatile, super sticky pad there is. This 2×2 cm, double sided pad lets users attach small objects of up to 3 lbs onto any flat surface and it’s transferable and renewable. In just a few seconds, users can place the TinySticky on their dashboard for an instantaneous car phone mount and start using their cell phone’s navigator comfortably, safely and hands free. And it can easily be peeled off and stuck on other surfaces.

Users can use it in the kitchen with their cell phone or tablet to follow recipes while cooking, to organize bathroom or office spaces or even for hands free navigation while cycling. TinySticky is made of special non­toxic, odorless rubber which doesn’t leave any residue or traces. It is also self­refreshing. When the pad becomes less sticky, a simple wash and dry will bring it back to its original state of super stickiness.

It works in conditions of extreme heat and cold. In order to raise funds to go into production, TinySticky launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $1000 by April 27.

Perks include the super­starter campaign booster offer in which backers can get one TinySticky pad for free by paying $1 for shipping and handling and sharing the news on Facebook!

To help bring this useful product to market, please click HERE to visit the campaign page.


tinysticky 2

Special innovative formula rubber pad.


This 2×2 cm TinySticky pad guarantees complete grip between the dashboard and your cell phone without leaving undesirable residue.

Super sticky.


TinySticky is guaranteed to work for a year regardless of dust, heat, cold or humidity!. In just a few seconds, you can place the TinySticky on your dashboard and start using your cell phone’s navigator comfortably and safely

Easily renewable stickiness


TinySticky’s special rubber is self-refreshing: when the pad becomes less sticky, washing it and letting it dry is enough to bring it back to its original state of super stickiness.



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