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It’s true to say that many of today’s gamers will never know certain things about gaming, load times is an example of this, if you’re old enough you may remember the commodore 64 or the Amstrad, I don’t think I need to say more about that, go forward in time and you get ‘real’ consoles the Nintendo NES or the Sega Master System but it wasn’t until 16 bit consoles were introduced did we start to get real classic games like Golden Axe or Double Dragon, today’s kids, however, can have all of this on their mobile devices through emulators but without the load times.

Dodozen have created something magical, a retro game with the feel of games like Ghouls and Ghosts or James Pond but modernized it with today’s kids in mind, you won’t find any up, up, down, down here (not that I’ve found anyway) instead what we have is a simplistic control system consisting of two taps of your touch screen one for jump and another for dash attack (Sega lovers will know that reference) and a variety of increasingly challenging levels to complete whilst avoiding dangerous bats and ghoulish goblins

For me though the selling point to the game is it’s level editor, much like Mario maker on the Nintendo Wii u, this game allows players to make their own levels and to share them with other players within its closed community, by the way, you can find our level in the alphabetical category titled “Droidhorizon” this gives you all necessary items to set up your very own level, challenging your imagination and the devs encourage you to be as creative as the game lets you and you can be safe in the knowledge that every level can be finished as it has to be to shared, this does cost you one gem to upload your level for other to play however you will earn rewards each time somebody plays your level

It does cost £1.55 from the Play Store and there are in-app purchases to upgrade your playable knight which include items such as shields, swords, and potions all designed to help you progress along the campaign mode, there are very few mobile games that can capture that retro console gaming finesse but dodozen have done just that and I’m 100% confident that if there was a mobile gaming hall of heroes they would be in there with the likes of Rovio and Supercell, I would wholeheartedly recommend this to everyone as it’s both creative and challenging and best of all its across a variety of platforms which include Android, iOS and Windows and can be downloaded using the links below.


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