Toast Real Wood Cover for Surface Pro 2017 Review

Toast Real Wood Cover for Surface Pro 2017 Review

Today, I’m taking a look at the ToastMade Wood Cover for the Surface Pro 2017. The packaging for the ToastMade cover is very simplistic. You get an envelope with a couple of different plastic bags stapled to the edges of the envelope. The first thing you see within the envelope is the back cover for the Surface Pro itself, and underneath of that, are the covers for the buttons on the Surface Pro, and a very strong smelling wipe.

When you unfold the packaging envelope, you will see the installation instructions on how to install the ToastMade cover onto your Surface Pro. The adhesive for the ToastMade cover is a long lasting 3M adhesive, that simply peels and sticks to your device. Once you’re ready to install the ToastMade cover to the Surface Pro, be sure to clean the back and sides of the Surface Pro with the included alcohol wipe and dry the device with a microfiber cloth.

Before peeling anything, I would recommend doing a “test-installation” so that you can double check the alignment. After making sure that you can line up all of the various openings on the back of your device, you can begin to peel the backing paper away from the ToastMade skin itself. ToastMade suggests that you begin peeling the backing paper away from the thin wings and moving your way to the thicker portion of the ToastMade cover.

After adjusting the ToastMade cover, to ensure that the cover is aligned correctly, begin to press down on the cover so that the adhesive sticks to your Surface Pro. I noticed a small square in the centre of the cover, this is to protect the Windows logo from getting damaged from the adhesive tape, should you ever remove the ToastMade skin.

As this is bulkier then a skin, it is a lot more difficult to align correctly. I had to spend a good 10 mins lining up and pressing down. I have read that the charging port part can break easily and true to form I broke it. So be aware this can be very delicate in places.


I was worried that the wood would be easily damaged or dented with overuse, but I was surprised to find how durable it was. I’ve dropped it on my desk at home, my desk at work, and even had keys in my pocket along with it. Not a single dent or scratch was made. Though I wouldn’t recommend throwing your phone around, this skin does offer a good level of protection and can take a beating.

After a couple of weeks, the skin shows no signs of giving up and still no signs of damage. The corners are picking up fluff from my pocket, which means that I may not have aligned it 100% correctly, but this is my fault and not of the manufacturers.

I had read there was an initial problem with the adhesive when you try to remove the skin, but I have seen this issue has since been resolved and should be a worry for anyone.

All in all, the ToastMade cover is secured onto my Surface Pro, and I have no plans to remove it anytime soon. I haven’t had a need to remove the cover, so I haven’t run into any problems with the ToastMade cover on my Surface Pro. But I have read that removal is easy to do with a hairdryer and patience.

Head on over to the ToastMade site, using the link below, to check out all the different variants of covers for all different types of devices.

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