Top 3 Prank Calling Apps to Download in 2020

Ever wanted to make a Prank Dial but lacked the confidence to do so? Perhaps you don’t have the time due to your busy schedule. Either way, our top 3 apps make prank calling that much easier and more time-efficient, meaning at the press of a button you can pull off some hilarious prank calls!


Ownage Pranks


Fans of the popular Ownage Pranks youtube channel can now use characters from the show to prank their friends, with the Ownage Pranks prank calling app. 

Once downloaded you will have access to over 100 pre-recordings which contain different prank scenarios, some of these classics include ‘Cat Facts’ and ‘Stay Away From My Girl’. Professional actors voice prank scripts which are then automated to send once your target answers their phone.  It’s cleverly built ‘Speech Recognition Technology’ AI can pause and respond at the correct times as keywords are recognized during live phone calls. 

For the unsuspecting, it can be tough to differentiate between a pre-recording and a real person. 


Steps on how to use:


  1. Browse and select a pre-recording from over 100 prank scripts.
  2. Select the contact or dial in their number
  3. Call and then listen to their reactions


Pre-recordings are organized under genres such as Work, Dating & Love and many more. Prank genres allow you to find a specific type of prank, i.e. if your friend hates cats why not use the ‘Cat Facts’ prank script. 

Prank calls are also recorded so you can share your best reactions to friends. 

If your victim’s reaction happens to be legendary Ownage Pranks have an online community called the Pranks Hall of fame where the best submissions are featured. 


Additional Features


  • No risk of Caller ID being exposed
  • New Prankscripts added
  • Receive three credits daily to make new calls
  • Calls use Wifi and not your phone company. Internet connection is required. 


Funny Call: Phone Prank Calls


No Prank Call recommendation list is truly complete without a good voice changer.

Even if you have the best prank content and delivery in the world, your hard work will go to waste if they can recognize your voice. 

We all have habitual gestures which give us a particular way of speaking; the Funny Call app will help remove this issue by transforming your voice completely. 


What voice changes are available?


At the touch of a button, your voice will change to the many voices effects available. Voice changes can occur during a live-call meaning you can switch from one sound effect to another, making use of the hilarious options available. 

Funny call has nearly the largest selection of sound modifications among any voice changer app today which is why its a standout in its category.  Generally, voice changers only provide a few voice options. If you wanted more voice options, you would need to download additional apps wasting phone memory. Funny call offers 28 in total. 

Categories offered are ‘premium’, and ‘free’, premium sound choices have to be purchased, and free options do not require payment.

Free voices include Agent, DJ Trip, Idiotizer, Possessed and many more. Premium voices are Spacemen, Valentine, Santa and others altogether; there are 16 free and 12 premium voices.


Along with voice changes is the ability to switch between one voice option to another during a phone call. You can be as creative as you like making the person believe there are several people on the line.

Background music and sound effects are also available to play during the call. 


Fake Call Plus


Fake Call Plus is an absolute must for prank callers and people in general. This app’s purpose is not to prank someone over the phone but prank others in the same room by pretending you received an incoming call. 

Fake Call app lets you organize bogus phone calls immediately; a phoney call is useful for getting out of tight situations where you wish to leave. For example, if you’re stuck at a meeting and need to be elsewhere set a fake incoming call and tell your colleagues you have an emergency. 

Since there is no way of telling it was from an app, they will have no reason not to believe you. 

How about pranking your family by pretending you have a new love interest? Easy, make an incoming call and pretend to flirt. The list of possibilities for trickery is endless, be creative as you like. 

What makes this our particular recommendation is the level of customization it provides. Customization includes using available ringtones or importing your own; you can also record an audio file to playback once you have answered the call.


Additional features


  • Schedule Calls now and throughout the day
  • Match your current wallpaper via your camera roll or select a caller picture
  • Supports latest versions of iPhone and iOS

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