Top 3 Reasons Why Having a Non-Digital Photo Album Still Works

Let’s face it. Photos are everywhere! In your tablet or on your phone, you most probably have a point “n” shoot feature, or even a DSLR and a few of us might even own a film camera. In the midst of this frenzy, none of us can escape the selfies, Facebook, Pinterest, or even Instagram. In other words, we have more avenues and reasons to take pictures than ever before. Sadly, only a few of these pieces of artistic memory survive for even a year. The reason being, a photo is only good for the moment to most of us. I mean, dads and moms want to capture every moment for their adorable newborn. Grandma wants everyone to see them, and when you want to brag about how adorable your new puppy is, you just pull out your phone. After a week or so, none of these pictures make sense anymore and you go ahead to delete them in order to create space for pictures with a little more meaning of the moment.

So what will become of all those digital photographs taken yesterday or a week ago? Well, most probably, they are going to be totally lost. Fortunately, that’s where non-digital photo albums come in. With digital albums, no longer being reliable ways to store photos, looking through memories will never be the same again if you turn to non-digital photo albums and here’s why.

1. Have a copy in hand

Though many of us are addicted to uploading photographs online and sharing them on social media sites, the touch and feel is simply not comparable to that of having a traditional photo album around your house. Traditional photo albums offer a personalized and exceptional way to preserve and share your memories with friends and family and members especially when they are designed and stylized with a custom and decorative touch. And when you decide to have one for your household designed, ensure that you get the best printers for this kind of work to make sure that your album is printed and designed to represent who you are.

2. Mark the occasion

What better way could there be of remembering an occasion than tightly tucking the memories in a traditional photo album. Speaking of which, there are several social events where such an album will come in handy. They include:

• Weddings

Whether you are the groom, bride, or just a regular guest, a physical photo album is a seamless way to preserve the moments for eternity. Even better, a well-designed and printed album could make a meticulous gift for the groom and the bride offering them your personal perspective of the most important day of their life.

• Birthdays

With people being so engrossed into digital pictures, why not create a non-digital photo album for the lucky guy and present it to them as a surprise gift later.

3. For your children

If you have never shown any interest or enthusiasm for photography before, be warned that that is going to change after getting children. I mean, folks who never took photos while growing up will find themselves engrossed in the acts of recording every moment of their growing children with a picture or two. Speaking of which, non-digital photo albums offer a seamless and hurdle free way to monitor and track your children’s development.

In other words, devoting a few minutes to take a picture or two on your child’s first day in school or during the summer holidays is a perfect way to look back, reminisce and share the development process with family members, friends and even the children themselves. And what better way to show than storing the pictures in a non-digital photo album?

If you are considering having a traditional photo album, nothing should stop you from getting one. And even if you can’t craft one from scratch by yourself, there are professionals online who can do a meticulous job.

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