Top 5 Books for PHR Practice Test

Top 5 Books for PHR Practice Test

There are various resource materials that are available for your preparation for the PHR certification exam. The is designed based on standard HR principles and there is no one single preparation method that is ideal for every test taker. Whatever your preferred preparation method, you can be rest assured that there are different materials that will meet your individual learning style. When it comes to preparing for your certification exam, the important things to know are:

  • You need to know your competency and knowledge gap and be ready to do everything to cover the gaps.

  • Prepare for the certification exam in a way that is in alignment with your unique learning style.

  • Use different preparation resources so that you can totally understand the HR principles that will be tested during the exam.


As mentioned earlier, there are numerous materials that are available to you for your exam preparation. There are different resource materials from independent authors that are available in the market. It is important to mention that the HRCI does not endorse any of these books, even though some of the books are showcased on their platform. When choosing a resource book therefore you need to read reviews from other exam takers to understand their experience while using the book.

To make your preparation seamless, HRCI offers you an opportunity to develop your own preparation bundle on their site. This bundle includes exam applications and prep materials at an affordable cost. However, if you would rather select books based on your knowledge, there are many options that are available to you. We have detailed some top books that you can purchase in preparation for your PHR certification test.

  1. PHR StudySystem

The PHR Self-Study Course material comes with a study guide, downloadable audio files, and a one-year access to the learning management system of the book provider. The Learning Management System includes sample tests and quizzes, interactive flashcards, recorded lecture videos, and training games. The self-study material comes with more than 1000 practice questions to help you get a grasp of what you are learning. If you are purchasing the material as an international candidate, you will receive the digital format of the self-study version and also get access to the same Learning Management System as well as other resource materials that are applicable to the physical copy.

  1. PHR CertificationExamPrep

This resource book is offered by BenchPrep HR and it is one of the most extensive mobile and online self-studyexam preparation programs. The material currently has more than 2.5 million users all over the world. The software has been used by many exam takers which have resulted in a success rate of more than 55% above average among users. Wherever you are in the world, you can have access to the resource material.

  1. PHR Study Materials: Online & Print Edition

These resource materials have been available since 1995 and have been used by HR professionals in preparing for their exams. This prep resource covers the six different functional areas of the PHR practice test. You can access both the print edition of the book as well as the online version. It also comes with an audio reader to make it possible for you to study on the go. The PHR Certification Preparation program resource material includes a book with over four hundred pages, lists of key terms, and a comprehensive index. There are also online review questions for all the units as well as an extensive practice questions. In addition to this, there are also online and printed flash cards that can be used in addition to all the materials you have study with.

To use the online version, you will need to have access to the Internet. Internet Explorer 10.0 or higher version, Chrome, Safari, or updated Firefox browsers can be used to access the online edition.

  1. PHR Workbook

The PHR Workbook is a resource package that contains an extensive study outline for the different exam content outline areas, employment and labour legislation, exam tips, 700 hundred multiple-choice questions with comprehensive correct answers and rationales for the answers. The package also includes audio review CD with recorded definitions, terms, downloadable printed flashcards, and unlimited online final exams, free audio coaching session, and eBook.

  1. PHR ExamPrep: 3rdEdition

This resource offers you expert insights and proven study tools that will help you get high scores in your exam. The package includes Study Tips such as instructions and advice that you will normally get from personal tutor; extensive discussion of the six functional areas as covered on the Exam and Practice Question on PHR, including detailed rationales of correct answers. In addition to this, you will access tips, notes, hints, strategies and warnings that will help you minimize your errors during the exam.


It is important to mention that you don’t really need to have all these books to prepare for the exam. Read different reviews about them and select a couple that will help you in your preparation. Whatever resource book you choose; the most important thing is to create time to study. The PHR practice test is a comprehensive exam that requires extensive study. Develop a study plan and follow it religiously.

Do not leave your study time till the weekend or towards the time of your exam. It is recommended that you create time on a daily basis to study. As you study, take practice test to evaluate your readiness to write the certification exam. In addition to the resources mentioned above, you can also access other resource materials and practice questions online. Visit the official website of HRCI to review other resource materials that you can use in preparation of your exam.

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  1. There are also online review questions for all the units as well as an extensive practice questions. In addition to this, there are also online and printed flash cards that can be used in addition to all the materials you have study with.


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