Top 5 New Releases for Android Games this Week

Top 5 New Releases for Android Games this Week

Gaming has always been a popular pastime for players all over the world and of all ages and with the growing use of mobile devices, many players are enjoying top rated games on their Android devices. New Android games are created every day and there are hundreds of new releases offered each month that provide players with new and exciting ways to enjoy gaming on their devices. This week, Android users will find some amazing new releases that can be played and these games are just a few of the hot title that will be enjoyed on Android devices throughout 2018.

While Android games are often free, there are also some paid apps that can be enjoyed for a small cost. Alternatively, those that enjoy playing games for real money can benefit from accessing mobile casinos on their Android device, such as the one presented at Casumo, where players can engage in exciting casino style games and win real money payouts all on their mobile device. Here, we introduce the hottest five new releases that can be played on Androids.

Play Battleship: Official Edition

A new Battleship game has been released and this is offered in a free and paid version. The game can be played in a Classic Mode or players can enjoy the thrills of the Commanders Mode, where they can benefit from a strategic and tactical game approach as well as the offering of new ships and some great new abilities when it comes to how ships are attacked. This fast paced strategy game is a top choice for any lovers of classic and retro board games.

Dragon Hunter Champions

This exciting Android game is new to the market and it is a role playing game that will turn many heads. The game is from Gameloft and it combines the action of an RPG with MOBA gameplay, offering something entirely new and thrilling. Players can customize their team and start out on an adventure where they will meet up with enemies and battle in real time.

Art Heist, White Hat

While this may at first look like a simple and basic game, as soon as players really dive into it, they will see why this is one of the best new Android releases. This is an engaging heist game where players will use floor plans and original blueprints to explore the different levels of real museums. Players will sneak through buildings and rob items that are worth millions. The game is available in an ad and ad-free version on the Play Store.

Zombie Rogue

Zombie Rogue is a hit game from Wax Fox and it offers a unique gameplay with an apocalypse to present this interesting game. Players will die as they try to complete levels and challenges. With this zombie game, the players will become infected with the disease that is creating an outbreak and one of the great aspects of the game is that players can choose whether they wish to infect those they meet or pass them by. This is a fun filled strategy game that offers random levels and various degrees of difficulty.

Sago Mini Apartment

Sago Mini is a well known publisher that typically focuses on eth development of learning games for kids. The new game, Sago Mini Apartment does not stray far from the company strategy and offers a game where a group of animals are living in a single apartment building and the player will learn what it feels like to share space. There are 7 floors in the game and each will have a different theme and a specific task to accomplish

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