TYLT VÜ Wireless Charger – Review

TYLT VÜ Wireless Charger – Review

More and more devices are being developed with wireless charging capabilities, so to be able to set your device down on a pad on your desk seems like a no-brainer. Then again, plugging that Micro USB into your phone is fairly painless as-is, right? Well, seemingly, assuming you have the connector turned the right way in the first place. Research says 80% of the time a Micro USB is plugged in the wrong way the first time. And by research I mean myself and my failed attempts.

I believe I can say this with confidence, once you purchase your first Qi charger (specifically this VU) for your Qi capable device you will be hooked and will require one for every possible location in your home or office. I’ve concluded that the VU is a great device, and has alleviated my charging frustrations. Being that the Nexus 5 is the very first Android device I’ve owned to feature wireless charging, the VU is the very first wireless charger I’ve had the privilege to get acquainted with. That being said, I am very impressed, although having absolutely nothing to compare it to. Also notable, the VU was successfully funded by June 2013 as a Kickstarter project. So I’ll just jump right to my thought on the VU wireless charger.

IMG_20140312_130709     IMG_20140312_130653

Design & Features

The design of this charger sits it at a 45° angle, and has a 1-inch base which should accommodate the thickest of tablet/case combos. The VU sits very stable on any flat surface and is very lightweight. It conveniently plugs into your standard home/office outlet.  Included in the design is a charging indicator light letting you know that your device is connected. With the TYLT logo molded into the charging surface, and its sleek angled design, it sits on your desk not as an eye sore, but almost as a piece of modern art.

IMG_20140312_131257     IMG_20140312_131002

In Use

Using my Nexus 5, it will charge sitting on the VU either in a vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape) position. I noticed I was able to move the phone away, parallel to the surface up to about a ¼-inch before Qi charging disconnected. This could give a basis for charging your device with a case on it. Still though, the material of the case could very possibly play a part in whether it takes a charge. So I’d be sure to look into that if you’re someone who is very protective over your precious device, or just super clumsy. Personally, I like to keep my Nexus 5 with a very small back cover. For the readers reference, I purchased the very cheap, yet perfectly designed, form, fit, and function, Bear Motion Premium Back Cover from Amazon. I was drawn to the fact that it adds very little to the overall size and doesn’t take away anything from the styling of the Nexus 5. Plus, the reason for this article….I’m still able to charge it wireless without issue.


It won’t be the cheapest Qi charger you’ll find by any means, coming in at $69.99. Alternatively, you may save a couple dollars by finding one on Amazon. I can assure you however, it will be one of the better designed wireless chargers you’ll find. The VU is available in 4 different colors on the TYLT website: Black, Red, Blue, and Green (personally, the image looks yellow to me). Below is a video from the TYLT YouTube channel. Hit play and get a bit more information from the VU Maker. Now you can make a slightly more informed decision on your next wireless charger. As always do your own research so you’ll be prepared and happy with your purchase!

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  1. £60 GBP is rather expensive but you’re on the cutting edge of this technology and it’s very stylish.


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