Unconventional Money-Making Ideas from Your Laptop

Unconventional Money-Making Ideas from Your Laptop home office

Making money online became a thing almost immediately after the world wide web launched. But why, one might wonder? The main reason is that no large investment is needed, especially now that everyone has a PC or laptop available at a very low cost. However, the tricky part comes when you have to pick a convenient yet profitable way of making a few dollars on the side. And many people do give it their best shot in their free time, although, you still have to make enough to justify the effort put in. The results vary, but you might be surprised as often making money on the side can prove more profitable than you daily job. Let’s see some unconventional methods for money-making from your laptop where all you need is a power port (or battery) and some clever use of your time.

Have You Ever Considered… Captioning?

Captioning is a proven method for money-making in your spare time. That’s transcribing a sound file or a video file and writing the subtitles or closed captions. This is a convenient and completely legal way to make extra cash. Most companies let you decide what projects to work on, after passing an initial estimate of course. 

Usually payments are done weekly but since you choose what to work on, you can also build your own schedule. As long as the projects that you work on are submitted on time, cash will flow. But how much you might ask? This depends entirely on the supplier which you would be choosing and complexity of the video/audio, but the usual pay rate per minute is around $0.45-$3.00. It doesn’t sound like much, but by captioning you can quickly make an average extra buck of $250-$300 a month. 

Online Poker is Always an Option 

Online poker is one of the best and convenient methods for making extra monthly earnings. But why online poker? First off, it’s a fun and cool card came. Why is it better than visiting a real casino? Without doubt this is because of the convenience of playing from your home. You can play at any time and dedicate as much time, disposable funds and effort as you can and want. If you are a newcomer to poker, practising with lower stake games will be a key for you. 

Before placing real bets, you can explore demo versions online and even play against real players. Getting good is not that hard, you just need dedication and a good strategy. Also, reading a few online tutorials, watching poker educational videos or even matches by the greatest poker players can help a lot. But if you are already a skilled player, earning money by playing online poker won’t be a riddle at all. The earnings per month by online poker depend on the deposit which a player places but also on the time that is invested. Cautious betting combined with a good poker strategy can undoubtedly top up each player’s monthly earnings. So don’t wait, money is for the taking. 

How About Helping out with Some Surveys?

There are tons of companies that offer payment for completing surveys. Why? Because industry giants need to better determine their target groups when releasing a new product. Surveys also help with the production of advertising materials, once the company knows the target group, which inevitably leads to reduced expenses. How it’s done? It’s quite easy. 

You pick a survey and answer series of questions and voilà – you get paid for your contribution. The survey duration is usually 10-15 minutes and payment is per survey. Some companies offer points or vouchers which equivalent certain amount in dollars and can be cashed out. Only downside is that surveys are limited in number, but this can be topped off by working with different providers. Here the plan is for the long run, but you can easily make up to $1000 per year in extra cash. 

Become Famous and Make Money, YouTube is There for You

Starting you own YouTube channel is yet another good way to make money online. Currently there are millions of different YouTube channels, generating billions of hours of watch time. But how to start? It is easy, but unlike the other methods that we mentioned, an investment will be needed. Depending on the content that you would like to present to your audiences, you may need to invest in equipment such as a powerful desktop computer, good camera, drone and so on. 

While all this sounds a bit of a generic look at what it takes to be a streamer, the key to YouTube success is you and your audience. Targeting your audience combined with quality content will surely increase your monthly income. This is a method that aims for the long run but don’t get your cold feet. In order to monetize your YouTube channel, or said otherwise – start earning, you need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours for the last 12 months. 

Forex Trading, Because Not all Businessmen Wear Ties 

Last but not least we have Forex trading as a way for additional monthly earnings. Unlike back in the 90’s when trading was only done by visiting a broker, nowadays anyone can be a successful Forex trader. There are many professional companies on the market that offer variety of simplified programs which can be used by anyone. Similar to the other methods that we mentioned, an investment is needed here as well. Positive side is that many of the online providers offer real time trading but with virtual currency, which is a great option for any newcomer. In case you already have experience in that field, you know that with Forex – timing is everything. Buying and selling at the right moment will inevitably grant you that extra monthly earning you are after.

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