Video Games For Entertainment On The Road

These are highly engaging versions of video games which are simply designed to carry players through a couple of hours in the very least scenario. Just for the record, it does not matter what slot game to select from an exuberant variety

Journey is calling, but you know that before you actually get to the place, there is going to be a long road of waiting. What a bummer. While some people choose to sleep the whole way through, it is not the most versatile method to spend large amounts of time in the blink of an eye. So coming up with some kind of entertainment not to get completely bored could be a fine solution, but, of course, then a question arises: what should I do? Which things would be amusing enough to absorb my attention?


And there is an answer – slot machines. These are highly engaging versions of video games which are simply designed to carry players through a couple of hours in the very least scenario. Just for the record, it does not matter what slot game to select from an exuberant variety: take any consistent slot database like, go through a catalogue, pick a theme and go into it. In case you would like to be informed more specifically about best options, this article is going to clear things up: we chose 10 amazing entries, perfectly working on the road.


Wheel Of Fortune: IGT


Main pros:

  • Well-developed layout that looks spectacular on mobile platforms.
  • Interesting features in an unexpected wrapping.
  • Rewarding and beautiful bonus rounds with an organized structure.
  • Superb design of three mechanically operated wheels.

One of the most popular concept in the gambling market – wheels of fortune – has been borrowed for a slot-like environment by International Game Technology, and, well, it was quite a success. Playfully merged with a gaming grid of reels, Wheel Of Fortune introduces ultimate classics in a new revival. Besides, the slot machine has a perfect shape for a mobile device: no sharp angles, but instead good optimization. Animation and visual effects are on point, too.

Space Invaders: Playtech


Main pros:

  • Simplistic interface that is very easy to navigate.
  • Vintage arrangement paired with unique in-game features.
  • Based on an original video game.
  • Great bonus rounds of dynamic playthrough.

Extra-terrestrial battles featuring aliens, flying saucers, Tetris-like monsters have never felt so breathtaking before. Playtech took a popular video game from the late 70s and threw a unique slot tapestry to the top. Space Invaders, though, comes across as a fully-fledged modern game: features range from classic Wildcards to mini-games incorporating respins. Regarding arcade nature of Space Invaders and mobile factor behind, the game would be a real gem on portable screens.


Spiñata Grande: NetEnt


Main pros:

  • Beautiful, sophisticated animation teamed up with smooth graphics.
  • Cute paytable consisting of really bright symbols.
  • One of the best in terms of mobile optimization.
  • Complex gameplay, resembling an actual video game.

Colors burst and explode right on your screen from the first second Spiñata Grande gets fully loaded. NetEnt marvelously approached optimization because whatever platform is used for playing, the slot machine looks impressive. Vibrant gameplay, total prevalence of different features, juicy bonuses, multiple opportunities and cinematic background make this NetEnt’s brilliant truly unique. A way better than a number of other Mexican-themed machines.


Thunderstruck II: Microgaming


Main pros:

  • 243-winway lineup promising a plenty of various symbol combinations.
  • Animated symbols on the reels.
  • A load of random features with great gaming potential.
  • Well-elaborated Scandinavian mythology under gambling surroundings.

Simply fantastic. Thunderstruck II is considered one of the best creations by Microgaming ever since, because none of their products would even compete with the Hall of Spins and a solid storytelling. The game will give you immense pleasure if you happen to be a fan of Nordic culture – everything from visuals to controlling has a certain appeal. And Thunderstruck II is not some dumb time killer: the game is able to get players seriously involved for long hours.


Dead Or Alive: NetEnt


Main pros:

  • Follows a classic genre of Western with appropriate gambling tricks along.
  • Astounding mobile optimization, incorporating two different screens.
  • Introduces original characters to personify the action.
  • A decent package of interesting bonuses and features.

Travel back in time to the fabulous era of Wild West where stakes are high and pistols are loaded. Dead Or Alive unravels into a grand story with courageous characters – you should be brave enough to embark on such an adventurous journey and catch up with the action. NetEnt included a little bit of rivalry to provide authentic feel: the game asks you to join Sheriff and catch wanted bandits. Nothing has never been so close to video games.


Red Baron: Aristocrat


Main pros:

  • An actual story about a real-life military pilot.
  • Bright and light gameplay without heavy additionals.
  • Enjoyable features that contain authentic setups.
  • Rich control panel full of different options.

War-time aviation is coming. Red Baron might be not the most fabulous slot machine, speaking of its overall graphics, but it surely provides an in-depth insight into true history. This slot game is mostly famous due to its lavish features and unusual plot. Rarely would software manufacturers base their products on historical events, but that’s not the case at all for Aristocrat whose gaming library is crammed with inspiration.


Games Of Thrones: Microgaming


Main pros:

  • Stylish outlook quite decent for such a huge TV show.
  • Rewarding gamble feature that can be activated almost every round.
  • Gorgeous visual arrangement complemented by high-class animation.
  • Another 243-formated machine with abundant combinations.

Starks or Lannisters? Microgaming decided to go obvious ways and borrow everyone’s favorite to come up with a slot machine as a sure nod to Games Of Thrones on the whole. No surprise that this game has drawn so much attention since the release date so that even now Games Of Thrones slot remains in the tops almost everywhere. One of the greatest features about the machine is that it has genuinely beautiful appearance – colors, hues and shades were chosen quite carefully not to disappoint fans.

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