News: WebRadar Receives Funding from Qualcomm and DGF Investimentos

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WebRadar, one of the leading players in Big Data Analytics and IoT for the telecommunications, energy and transportation verticals, announces a new funding round to support its global expansion and product development strategies.

Qualcomm Incorporated – through its venture investment group Qualcomm Ventures – and DGF Investimentos answer, together, for the investment of around R$ 40 million in the company. The new investors are minority stakeholders. WebRadar focuses on Big Data Analytics technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT) and offers analytical solutions that support the strategic decision process for customers in Canada, Mexico, USA, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Italy and Brazil. WebRadar’s applications collect and process data from a broad diversity of sources and technologies, and currently handles more than one million assets, processing more than one billion registers per hour.

From this round of investments on, WebRadar has as stockholders three strategic investors (Intel, Citrix and Qualcomm) with international prestige in the technology sector, as well as a well-known financial investor in Brazil (DGF Investimentos).

“The investment will anticipate the release of innovative products in our portfolio and will allow us to make progress in the American and European market. In a second moment, we will also evaluate the entrance in other business verticals, aside of the ones we are already in”

says Adriano da Rocha Lima, company CEO.

According to Frederico Greve, director of DGF Investimentos, the business model and the Big Data Analytics solutions developed by WebRadar are a well fit for the investment strategy of DGF.

“WebRadar has the attributes we take into consideration when deciding whether DGF should invest in a new business: entrepreneurs with high technical capacity, experience and motivations, solutions with world class technology and a scalable business model that includes recurring results in the local and international market. These characteristics, allied with the financial and strategic investments from DGF, Qualcomm and Intel, will allow them to reach an outstanding position in a very short time”



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