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We like to keep things simple, transfer your files from A to B, free of stress and of charge. We’ve been doing so since 2009 and love what we do. To date our users have transferred billions of files safely to practically every corner of the world. Simple, good looking & for everyone.

Another “file sharing” service you say rolling your eyes. Yes we know. There might be exactly four thousand and twelve services with published Android apps for ease of use on your devices as well. What makes WeTransfer stand out is exactly how simple it is. From first installing you’ll be able to send 2GB files straight away to anyone you know. Your files don’t have to be hosted on WeTransfer, the service really only… Transfers. We’ll give you a quick example…

I took some photos of the kids the other day but forgot to show my wife. Usually in a private scenario like this I’d send them to her via a private Hangout message or Google Plus post. Often I would upload pictures to my Dropbox account or Drive then send her a link this way too. With WeTransfer just select your pics to send and add in an email address, whilst uploading, you’ll see a lovely wallpaper and counter. What you don’t  realise is that lovely wallpaper is actually an advert. That’s the best way of serving application adverts I’ve ever seen, that’s how the company makes their money and with a Pro version which costs 10GB upload limit often as you could want.

The “normal” limit is 2GB as often as you want. I know some readers that might like to send around MKVs of the latest The Fast and the Furious. Depending on the file size you likely won’t be able too. For the average user just looking to send folders at the office or small videos captured on their phone, WeTransfer is perfect. The service is worth keeping on your device as a stand-by. Depending on your network connection the uploads are quick, you’ll get an email notification that the link has been sent then another when the file or folder has been grabbed on the other end. Facebook and Twitter integration has been added in the Pro version but I don’t see many going for 10 Euro a month subscription.


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