Why It’s Crucial To Mind The Volume While Gaming

ndeed, the music is great along with the voice acting and other sound effects, but you should always mind the volume while you're playing your game.

Don’t you just love it when you come back home from a long day or you’ve just finished your chores early and you can play some fun video games in those sweet relaxing hours before heading to bed? Gaming can be the best and relaxing experience for you, but you need to take care of the volume and the sounds that you hear. Indeed, the music is great along with the voice acting and other sound effects, but you should always mind the volume while you’re playing your game.


Safety First

You should always stay safe while playing video games, which means you should keep the volume level adequately set and not too loud. You might hurt your eardrums if you’re exposed to loud sounds for extended periods of time.  Listening to loud volumes constantly will result in your hearing skills deteriorating every day because you’re exposing yourself to loud frequencies, especially if you’re using earphones or headphones. Be careful and never turn up the volume beyond the recommended levels as it could eventually hurt your ears. If you get used to having the volume turned up too much, you won’t even notice that it’s hazardous to you. This can be a big problem because it means your hearing capabilities are getting weaker.


You Can’t Pick Up Any Surrounding Sounds

If you have big headphones or earpieces that keeps you fully focused, you won’t be able to hear anything around you other than the game you are playing. Although we might get carried away while playing our favorite game, sometimes it’s very important to understand the nature of sounds. It wouldn’t hurt to study the matter further and check this full guide on sound waves and the types of frequencies your ears get exposed to with game sounds. So, when you’re not using speakers, your ears won’t be able to pick up any other frequencies and this might be an issue.

You won’t hear voices or sounds happening inside your home. That means you won’t hear your phone ringing, people calling out your name downstairs, or even any commotion happening outside. So, as much as it’s okay to enjoy an immersive gaming session, it would be better if you’re still aware of what’s happening around you at home or in the streets. It’s highly recommended that you keep your volume down, if only for this reason. 


It Could Prevent Disasters

Keeping your volume on average settings and not too loud can prevent dangerous disasters at home. If you’re fully immersed in your game and you have game sounds on the highest level, you might not hear one of your family members falling or calling for help. Or you might not notice the fire alarm beeping and not realize that a fire has started.  Realizing emergencies too late will be a very hard thing to manage. Also, someone might be trying to reach you on the phone for an emergency and you won’t hear your phone ringing. Overall, it’s best to keep playing it safe and just lower the volume to the point that you can hear your surroundings but can enjoy your game too.


People Around You Could Hear

Gamers often don’t notice that people can hear what they’re listening to, even if they’re using speakers. It’s an effect that earpieces and headphones have sometimes; only a high quality pair can prevent sound from coming through. But overall, this can be bothersome for the people around you. Maybe they’re busy and want to work on something or maybe they’re having a bad day and need some quiet. The point is, you need to keep in mind that when you’re not living alone, you should consider the people around you and respect the fact that they might not want to hear what you’re listening to. This is the same if you use speakers because that means the game sounds are louder and clearer, making people fully hear what’s happening with your gaming session. They shouldn’t endure listening to explosions, gunshots, sword fights of characters dying in the game.


With the right set of headphones or speakers, you can adjust the volume of your game sounds accordingly so you can continue enjoying the game while keeping yourself safe at the same time. Also, it’s important to keep yourself aware of what’s going on at home. Immersing yourself in your game is great, but you never know what could be happening and you’re not listening. So, having fun is awesome and you deserve it, but always stay safe and cautious when you’re not alone at home.

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