Why Online Scratchcards Are a Natural Evolution from Online Bingo

As time has passed, chances are that most elements of a game may change to suit society’s ever-changing needs. For instance, in football, five substitutions have been added in some competitions to combat increasing player tiredness over a long season. Such changes can be down to all sorts of external factors, some relating to changing times and others to things such as technology. One such example of this is how online scratchcards have been able to reinvent themselves with the rise of technology.

It can be said that the way that people play online scratchcards, as well as online bingo, has changed drastically. Such games have moved from being paper-based to being online, ditching their original forms in favour of a more modern direction. Engaging paper cards have now been replaced by online games that, like their physical counterparts, aim to cater to as wider an audience as possible in a bid to keep people interested and engaged. Just like games such as roulette, online scratchcards have had this readymade diversification that has aided with making the digital transition as easy as possible.


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However, the reasons for scratchcards being an evolution of online bingo run deeper than simply methods of playing. This diversification of both games has in turn allowed for a wider player base to come into fruition as both games have proven over several generations to be highly popular. Moreover, if the trajectory of online scratchcards is the same as bingo, then the average age of players should be getting lower – as per some 2020 research, 80% of players are now aged between 35 and 64. Furthermore, with popular tie-ins such as games being based on films and television, the popularity of online scratchcards is likely to be sustained for a good while.

As is the case with bingo, there is the chance that over time, online scratchcards will undergo a continuous reinvention beyond their current form in a bid to keep being relevant and appealing to players.  Technological changes such as the incoming 5G are likely to increase the number of concurrent players thanks to a more stable connection and lower latency. There may even be the option to allow online scratchcards to move into circles relating to augmented or virtual reality thanks to a raft of new innovation on headsets such as the Oculus Quest 2. That should mean the game has even more enduring popularity than ever. VR and AR have been utilised by some in the past, especially in games that rely on a physical dealer such as roulette. That is, in itself, an interesting case, especially since roulette also utilises live dealers with no need for any virtual reality.


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There is a marked similarity between the games of online bingo and online scratchcards. Scratchcards have built upon the successes of online bingo and look set to continue in its footsteps of constant reinvention. Such changes based upon the time period should keep it relevant both in the current technological age as well as for many more years to come.

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