WidgetShade – Review

WidgetShade – Review


WidgetShade – Review

One of the major Android perks are widgets, they sit on your homescreen and tell you the time, weather, tweets etc. But you always have to go to the home screen to read them, this can be annoying when your watching a movie, playing a game or any other activity where going to the home screen isn’t possible. There have been some developments to overcome this issue such as multi-windows, sidebar launchers or even floating windows. But all these come with their own issues, which is where Dapaua comes in. This developer has created an app which may overcome these issues.

Screenshot_2013-04-23-09-27-08[1] Screenshot_2013-04-23-09-28-28[1]

WidgetShade is an app that generates an overlay on any app you may be running. You can assign any number of widgets to this screen easily by opening the app and clicking the “add” icon. You then get an array of methods to launch this screen, you can access it through the status bar, simply open the app or even have a trigger area which can be accessed through any app. One method I found to be very good was to combine Apex Laucnhers gesture control and then I can launch the app by swiping two fingers up along the screen.


I have this app to be very easy to setup and use. I’m looking forward to see the development for it as there are a couple of small performance bugs. There is a premium app you can buy if you want to help the developer out, but I found the free version achieves the task very well.

Link for the app is included below:


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