ZTE and Mojio are virtually entering each car in the Internet of Things

sync up DRIVE ZTE

If your car could talk, what would she say? Through collaboration between ZTE and Mojio, access the hidden data of your car is now possible with SyncUP DRIVE ™ T-Mobile


ZTE Corporation, a leading global provider of technology solutions for telecommunications, businesses and the general public for the mobile Internet, presented alongside Mojio, the main open platform for connected car, their first success as partners with the launch of SyncUP dRIVE ™ T-Mobile.

Available from November 18 at T-Mobile, the solution T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE combines innovative device IoT (Internet of Things) ZTE developed by ZTEWelink, a subsidiary of ZTE dedicated to M2M / IoT, and the flat Platform and mobile cloud app for Mojio, Motion, all using the 4G LTE network and T-Mobile’s fastest country. T-Mobile is a solution SyncUP DRIVE car connected inexpensive and easy to install which propels virtually any car in the Internet of Things, enabling a whole new series of car connected experiences that offer something we all expected: peace of mind for our cars and their occupants.

“Over the next five years, the global economy will continue to change and be more connected than ever before,” said Lixin Cheng , Vice President of ZTE Corporation. “Our strategy 2.0 M-ICT helps to stimulate this transformation, and we are very pleased to demonstrate this by partnering with Mojio and T-Mobile to offer the solution T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE to our customers in the US “.

Operated vehicles manufactured since 1996, the solution T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE connects to the OBD-II port of your car, not only to allow access 4G LTE Wi-Fi for passengers, but also to give access to features sophisticated as virtual barriers that indicate when your loved ones come on the usual places or leaving, vehicle real-time notifications to help you keep your family safe and vehicle disturbance alerts that protect your car, even when you are not.

Users of T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE are the first to access the new car app connected Mojio, Motion, which provides connectivity and enhanced capabilities that car owners waiting.

“The Motion app is based on years of research and has an intuitive user interface that offers this unique mind to motorists,” says Kenny Hawk , CEO of Mojio. “This collaboration IoT aims to strengthen the relationship we have with our vehicles by adding enhanced capabilities in safety, security and connectivity on the vehicles we drive already.”

Identify problems to avoid stressful failures

  • Auto interviews short and long term ensure the good health of our cars. Automotive diagnostics and alerts when problems and possible malfunctions are communicated in real time. Information on long-term maintenance, warranty and maintenance depending on the make, model and year of the vehicle are a blink of an eye.

Assess driving habits to become smarter and safer drivers

  • Provide access to vehicle data to better understand the driving habits of large and small scale. Such data shall specify where and when we exceed speed limits, putting a brake too hard and accelerating too fast, and the effect of such behavior on fuel consumption.

Connect your vehicle to other devices, apps and services IoT

  • T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE users benefit from the open platform Mojio and a growing ecosystem of connected car. The platform integrates with several Mojio IoT solutions, including IFTTT Amazon and Alexa, where the utility of real-world data connection to your vehicle to other apps and digital services increases every day.

ZTE MojioWelink Technology Co., LTD. Featured Image

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