AUKEY Announces New Smart-Charging Technology, Dynamic Detect

AUKEY today announced the introduction of Dynamic Detect, an innovative new smart-charging technology developed in-house.


Dynamic Detect optimises power distribution for USB Power Delivery (PD) chargers that have multiple ports, unlocking their full potential.


main AUKEY Announces New Smart-Charging Technology


Most multi-port PD chargers are unable to make full use of the total available power when charging a single device. For example, a regular dual-port PD charger may have one 18W USB-C PD port and one 12W USB-A port. Such a charger is rated at 30W, but in reality the PD port can only ever output a maximum of 18W, even when the other port is not in use. Equipped with AUKEY Dynamic Detect, the same charger is able to allocate all 30W to that single PD port. When both ports are in use, power is shared like normal.

Dynamic Detect also works wonders with more powerful multi-port PD chargers, for example, a 60W model with two 30W PD ports. Having to share the total power, even when only charging one device, causes significantly slower charging times for MacBooks and other PD laptops. 30W will barely charge larger MacBooks at all, so being able to make use of all 60W from a single port significantly improves the functionality of the charger.

This technology was developed in-house at AUKEY and is currently patent pending. Their development team had long been unhappy with the wasted potential of multi-port PD chargers, and this innovation is a really satisfying solution to that. It’s a great example of a small breakthrough that brings a tangible benefit to users.

Dynamic Detect is scheduled to make its first appearance in the new PA-D1 dual-port PD wall charger in May. A whole series of chargers making use of this technology is planned, employing a variety of different port layouts and power specifications.


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