OnePlus Launches OnePlus 9 Series Flagship Smartphones and Watch

Long-term R&D partnership with Hasselblad kicks off with advancements to OnePlus 9 Series camera system through Natural Color Calibration with Hasselblad. Ultra-premium device series features Hasselblad Camera for Mobile, next-generation display technology and new fast wireless charging technology. First-ever OnePlus Watch marks next step in creating ecosystem of smart devices for seamless con...[Read More]

Review – Dell Alienware AW3420DW

Dell announced its expected new product at the end of August 2019 and promised to start deliveries from October at a recommended price of $1,499. It was not possible to do so quickly, and therefore, real deliveries of Alienware AW3420DW began closer to the end of the year.   General information Due to the limitations of the G-Sync module, the panel used in the AW3420DW operates in the native ...[Read More]

HTC VIVE Raises The Bar For Premium VR With New Vive Pro Upgrade And Vive Wireless Adaptor

New Hardware Sets Standard for High-End VR Market, While All-New Viveport VR and Vive Video Dramatically Improves the way you Browse, Discover and Acquire VR Content   HTC VIVE™,  at CES 2018 today announced new hardware upgrades that deliver premium VR experiences to consumers and enterprises with the introduction of Vive Pro and Vive Wireless Adaptor. In addition, the company debuted...[Read More]

Pebble watch Original review

With technology constantly moving forward I figured I had better jump on this bandwagon and get myself a smart watch and there are many reasons why I have chosen the original pebble as my stepping stone into this mega sphere that is wearable tech so here is my pebble watch original review. Firstly was cost, I am of course a family man and always put their needs above my own, secondly user ability ...[Read More]

Review: The Juno Quatro from VeryKool is very cool

Review: The Juno Quatro from VeryKool is very cool If you want the next big smartphone, but always check the price tag, then VeryKool is here to help you out. I was very lucky to be sent their “Phablet” model, the Juno Quatro. I am a bit of a snob when it comes to mobile phones. But I was blown away by the quality of this phone, the functionality and specs were great. Though it will ne...[Read More]

Yotaphone 2 – Review

 Yotaphone 2 – Review     With the “spec wars” finishing a few years ago now, you’ll not find a bad flagship device from any of the big hitters, be it Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Sony, LG etc etc. Even mid-range devices are more than good enough for everyday use. Packed with power and good cameras, customers are now looking towards killer features or design to make th...[Read More]

Minix X8 Plus – Review

The Minix X8 Plus packs a lot of power for such a small box Minix X8 Plus – Review Nope, you are not seeing a double post. Last month I reviewed the MINIX NEO X8-H Plus, it was probably my favourite review item to date.  The X8-H Plus was a higher end device and came it at a little over £175 with a A2 remote. MINIX have now released a lower end version called the X8 Plus, but what’s the diff...[Read More]

CHIPS® – Universal Bluetooth Wireless All-In-One Headphones – Kickstarter

Outdoor Tech®: the same outdoor designer brand that delivered the Turtle Shell® and Big Turtle Shell® in their first two Kickstarter projects continues to have the biggest and best line of Bluetooth audio products on the market. We’re now asking for your help to launch the CHIPS® All-In-One Headphones. The CHIPS® were born from the constant frustration of trying to listen to music, make/take...[Read More]

Review: XY FindIt – New way to find stuff with your phone

Review: XY FindIt – New way to find stuff with your phone Its a known fact that people lose things. I cant count the amount of times I have lost keys and wallet, but now I don’t have to worry about this anymore. XY Findit have released the solution, and have very nicely sent me a couple to try out. XY is a secure Bluetooth LE Tracking Tag that assists you in finding nearby items just b...[Read More]

TaoTronics Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter – Review

TaoTronics Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter – Review TaoTronics has recently released the TT-FT02 which is a dedicated in-car FM transmitter. Its a great little piece of kit, it plugs into the cars lighter socket and connects to your mobile via Bluetooth. Once connected it allows you to stream music to your car via an FM signal, and also allows for calls to be answered while out and ...[Read More]

Poseidon Portable Charger – Kickstarter

Poseidon Portable Charger – Kickstarter Poseidon is the ultimate source for mobile power with unparalleled capacity and durability. It was designed with our patented technology, which protects the Poseidon from liquid and corrosion for the most rugged lifestyle. The Poseidon has the maximum rating on the IP standard, IP68, making it both dustproof and waterproof. With a military grade standa...[Read More]

Griffin Woodtones Over-the-Ear – Review

Griffin Woodtones Over-the-Ear – Review Making wood the primary design element for headphones is common trend nowadays, with a lot of companies sacrificing sound and performance, in order to get the look right. The Griffin WoodTones Over-the-Ear Headphones, though, were a nice surprise. At £99.99, they’re an affordable pair of headphones with great audio balance which goes with their g...[Read More]

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