Review – Dell Alienware AW3420DW

The Dell Alienware AW3420DW front

Dell announced its expected new product at the end of August 2019 and promised to start deliveries from October at a recommended price of $1,499. It was not possible to do so quickly, and therefore, real deliveries of Alienware AW3420DW began closer to the end of the year.


General information

Due to the limitations of the G-Sync module, the panel used in the AW3420DW operates in the native 8-bit mode. However, by specifications, it is able to demonstrate a pseudo-10-bit mode by activating dithering (aka FRC – Frame Rate Control). The combination of diagonal and resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels gives a well-known value of 110 PPI – the level of 27-inch WQHD solutions.

The maximum brightness is declared at 350 candles per square meter, the contrast ratio is usually 1000:1, the viewing angles are standard and are at the level of 178 degrees in both planes, taking into account a decrease in contrast up to 10 times. The level of curvature in the 1900R remained at a familiar level – no changes in the new generation of matrices occurred. The backlight scheme used is Flicker-Free (without flickering), and therefore, for your eyes, under certain conditions, you can be calm.

Despite the increased colour capabilities in the form of 98% coverage of the DCI-P3 standard, the model did not pass certification according to the VESA HDR400 standard. Therefore you can not dream of turning on the HDR WCG mode in the OS environment – everything is the same as with the LG 34GK950G. Is this a drawback of the model? Of course not, because a more or less decent HDR can only be used on solutions with a multi-zone backlight system, while the AW3420DW has it quite ordinary – end-face and its brightness according to specifications are not quite enough for this.


Good news for gamers

Perhaps the above mentioned specification is excellent news for gamers. As we have a bunch of modern games with amazing graphics, a good display is a must. Upon its release, the AW3420DW  monitor was sold in huge numbers in India, which was unexpected considering the economic situation and the gaming culture in the country. 

However, when Dell employees conducted research they found out that the actual reason behind purchasing the monitor was an online casino. In particular, the newest casino online slots in India are characterised by good quality and graphics. In some cases they require a good display to fully “immerse” in the virtual gambling world; thus Indian citizens found it entertaining to purchase a monitor with a decent display.


The Dell Alienware AW3420DW rear


Design and ergonomics

In appearance, the novelty at first glance traces the familiar features of Alienware products, but at the same time, one obvious question arises – “Where is the white colour from?” The answer, it turned out, lies on the surface – in the new monitors, the company continues to follow the general concept and uses the design achievements that you can see in the brand’s top gaming laptops, which now include the Alienware Area-51 line.

Strict lines and versatility changed to smooth outlines and transitions, and stylish grey plastic (ala Gun-metal) has gone down in history. The monitor certainly didn’t get any worse, but the white colour, we are sure, will fit into fewer interiors than the more versatile grey.

The central rack is attached to the monitor body in a quite standard way – thanks to the quick-detachable mounting mechanism. If necessary, the model can be hung on a VESA-compatible bracket standard 100×100 mm. To do this, in the place of attachment of the central column, it is necessary to unscrew the four screws, which can later be used together with the selected bracket.

In the package, the monitor is disassembled. The stand attaches in a couple of seconds without the use of tools. Dismantling is carried out just as quickly and – by pressing one mechanical lock button.

The shape of the legs of the stand has become more sophisticated and safer for the user. Yes, that’s right, because earlier “pointed pincers” represented a real danger. There are no complaints about stability, and the design is heavy and monolithic.

The cable management system is made due to a cutout in the central rack. The solution is simple and not very effective. It is complemented by an updated plastic decor element, which hides the interface block and completes the AW3420DW image. The lid is equipped with two magnets that automatically lift it a few centimetres to the installation site and hold it securely in the closed position.

The monitor stand has quite standard ergonomic features for this class of devices. In the case of the hero of the review, you can change the slope of the panel from -5 to +25 degrees, rotate 20 degrees to the right and left, and change the height within 130 mm. A switch to portrait mode (Pivot) is not provided due to the size and curvature of the panel used, however, backlash in both directions at a level of + -10 degrees has nothing to do with it – a very interesting feature of the new product.

All fasteners, internals of the stand and the central column are made of metal. To grip the work surface in the stand, four large rubber legs are used, which are pretty good at holding the monitor in one position, including due to the weight of the entire assembly.


Menu and management

The monitor is controlled by four rhomboid-shaped physical keys and one 5-way control joystick located on the back of the case on its right side. A round power button complements the updated control system on the bottom with an integrated backlight system.

The new control system is as convenient as possible and corresponds to modern trends, which many manufacturers have been following for more than one year.When you press any control key (except power), prompts appear on the screen, and the OSD unit itself is located exactly opposite the buttons.


The verdict

Once again, Dell decided to maintain its status in the monitor market, where for many years now it has been number one in global sales of desktop displays. And even though most of the revenue comes from corporate orders and models from business lines, the company is gradually devoting more and more time, effort and money to the gaming sector. Thank you for taking the time to read our review of the Dell Alienware AW3420DW

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