Review – Dell Alienware AW3420DW

Dell announced its expected new product at the end of August 2019 and promised to start deliveries from October at a recommended price of $1,499. It was not possible to do so quickly, and therefore, real deliveries of Alienware AW3420DW began closer to the end of the year.   General information Due to the limitations of the G-Sync module, the panel used in the AW3420DW operates in the native ...[Read More]

Review: Moshi 4K HDR Premium Video Cables

To get the best results from your high resolution monitor or 4K HDR television you’ll want to avoid poor quality video cables. California based accessory company Moshi now have a selection of top quality cables available that ensure you’ll get the best possible experience from your video equipment. We tested their 2M HDMI to HDMI, 2M USB-C to HDMI, 1.5M USB-C to DisplayPort and 1M USB-...[Read More]

Viotek GN27D 1440p 144hz Curved Budget Gaming Monitor Review

Viotek GN27D 1440p 144hz Curved Budget Gaming Monitor Review The Viotek GN27D, is a curved 27″ 1440p 144hz gaming monitor. Why should you care? It’s under $400! I’ve been using this for a couple of months, and I absolutely love it. Take a look at other top choices from Lyncconf’s Best Gaming Monitors if you’d like to see a few alternatives… Unboxing was pretty s...[Read More]

Braun iCheck 7 Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Braun iCheck 7 Blood Pressure Monitor Review The iCheck 7 is a small portable device, that allows you to track and sync your blood pressure. It’s a wrist-based device, so its incredibly easy to use on a variety of wrist sizes. the max width is 21cm.   Once attached to your wrist, you can press the power button. There are then two dots that need to line up, you do this by moving your arm...[Read More]

FingBox Network Security Review

FingBox Network Security Review Fingbox plugs directly into your router via ethernet, and when used with the app allows you to observe, guard, and manage your home network. This means people without an IT security degree will be able to restrict access for certain devices, monitor sites accessed and mainly be “Big Brother” in your household. The set-up is a breeze, after unboxing, you ...[Read More]

The Good Air Guru Foobot Review

The Good Air Guru Foobot Review The foobot is not something I would think, I would have in my house. It’s a smart home device that detects indoor air pollution. Foobot is a great looking gadget that looks smooth and cool, while tracking the quality of air in your home. The foobot setup took around 3 minutes to do, as it was run through the app, and turning the Foobot upside down. It allowed ...[Read More]

Floating Network Monitor – Review.

Want to know more about your internet speed? Floating Network Monitor gives you information about upload and download speed in real time on top of any other app! As the description mentions, this app runs on top of your running applications and gives you a clear reading of what data is being uploaded or downloaded. I’m aware there are still millions of users tied to expensive data plans that...[Read More]