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A Lengthy Franchise

FIFA has always been the go-to franchise when it comes to football video games. For the longest of times, EA has managed to churn out authentic football experiences for everyone. Over the years, it has evolved a lot and gained even more fans. But one thing has always remained constant – it is hell of a lot fun to play and occasionally watch someone else does it too.

FIFA 19 Android is the latest entry into the annual franchise and it is without question one of the best, if not the best in the series. Everything has been ramped up in terms of quality and it delivers some of the finest and most realistic footballing experiences that you can possibly get. What does this one do that all the previous ones don’t you ask?

Play FIFA 19 Mobile on Android stadium

Fifa 19 Android Graphics

The very first moment you lay your eyes on this game, you will know just how close it is to its real life counterpart. The past games have all looked great too, but being an annual franchise it always tries to upgrade in some regard from the previous entry. FIFA 19 definitely improves upon FIFA 18 in terms of its graphics and visuals.

The player models especially are something to truly behold. Advanced facial recognition techniques have been implemented in order to get the most realistic lookalikes for your favourite player’s in-game. The pitch is embedded with 3D grass and it looks better than ever before. The textures used are also really high quality and it isn’t something every game can provide to you.


Sound design in FIFA has always been one of its strongest points. FIFA 19 is no different either. Everything from the kicking of the ball to the cheering of the crowd to the brilliant commentary is top notch. There are a very few things you can actually complain about when it comes to how FIFA sounds. Hell, even the ball hitting the post sounds awesome.

FIFA 19 APK Gameplay

Last but not the least, the gameplay in this game has massively improved over previous releases. There are plenty of things that have been reworked from scratch and made better. The shooting for example has seen a major change where you play a mini-game to land a bar in the sweet spot for better shooting accuracy. Sounds a lot like the Gears of War reloading mini-game right?

If you do not feel comfortable with it, there is always an option to turn it off. Furthermore, FIFA 19 Apk improves even further in the ‘co-op’ department by adding several parties like game modes to be enjoyed with some friend in 2 player mode. These are excellent additions and can make for some really variant gameplay experiences.

The career mode has also seen some small but effective changes to make your managerial experience more immersive. ‘The Journey’ also returns with its 2nd season and you can pick up exactly where you left off last time with Alex Hunter. FUT and all the other online modes are pretty similar to last time so there’s that. Overall FIFA 19 Mobile is something that you must try out if you are a football-head and a gamer.

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