Dice+ – Review

Dice+ – Review Dice+ has been around for a couple of years. It’s a bluetooth-enabled die that aims to help people move away from dusty board games and into the future. It offers the players a physical way to interact with digital board games, without all the negative points such as clutter and losing pieces. There are even a few features that could boost the overall game playing experi...[Read More]

X-Mini KAI 2 – Review

X-Mini KAI 2 – Review The motto for X-Mini is “sound beyond size”, this is due to their  small speakers that are big on sound. This is the first X-Mini speaker I’ve had a chance to review. I was absolutely blown away by the sound that came out. This is the ultimate Bluetooth speaker. It’s built for travel and sound quality but also allows you to take a conference call at the push of a ...[Read More]

BACtrack Vio – Review

BACtrack Vio – Review Last year, I did a review for the BACtrack Mobile Bluetooth breathalyzer. After some testing (nights out) I found it to be a very accurate piece of kit, even if its a bit pricey at £130. This made it a little out of people price range. Despite stating it as “police-grade,” BACtrack devices are not intended to be used as a device for deciding when it’s ...[Read More]

Urban Armour HTC M8 – Review

Urban Armour HTC M8 – Review UAG are well known for providing an elite brand of cases for a wide range of devices. You can imagine how overjoyed I was when I received one in the post to review for my M8. I have a great deal of respect for UAG, as their military/industrial design works great for phone cases and adds a whole new element to the device when its on. Urban Armor Gear labels their ...[Read More]

ToastMade HTC One M8 Ash Skin

ToastMade HTC One M8 Ash Skin While scouring the internet I found a review for the ToastMade Wood Cover for the Acer Chromebook. I loved the real wood look and feel, so I decided to reach out for a review item. Well today, I’m taking a look at the ToastMade Wood Cover for the HTC One M8. The packaging for the ToastMade cover is very simplistic. You get an envelope with a couple of different plasti...[Read More]

Ravpower 6-in-1 Filehub – Review

Ravpower 6-in-1 Filehub – Review The way the world is going, every piece of tech is going to be handheld and easy to put in your pocket. This has happened with mobile phones, music players and memory sticks. RAVPower seeing this trend has released the Ravpower 6-in-1 Filehub, this consits of a wireless router, NAS file server, power pack, WiFi hotspot, card reader and usb storage sharing all...[Read More]

ARCHOS Smart Home Review

Archos is a French company who made their name making portable hard disk based media players before the smartphone and tablet revolution made them somewhat obsolete.  Rolling with the punches they are now attempting to break into the home automation market with a relatively inexpensive (£199.99) tablet based solution.     Their starter package consists of a complete 7″ Android tabl...[Read More]

Nvidia Shield Tablet – Review

When the Nvidia shield started hitting the rumour mill we all knew it would be something rather impressive and by jove it really is! What Nvidia have done is take the Nexus 7 and put it on steroids. It’s bigger, louder and has a shed load more power. The tablet is being pushed as a “gaming tablet” by Nvidia, whilst it does have the most powerful GPU in any android tablet at the moment this tablet ...[Read More]

GripSnap – Kickstarter

GripSnap – Kickstarter If you are like me and tired of having to angle the phone just right to take a good photo, or seeing how far you can reach your arm out to get everyone in, then the GripSnap will solve all your woes. Selfies will never look like selfies again. You can use it to take pictures with your smartphone or GoPro anywhere you are! This portable monopod works with any smartphone...[Read More]

Skiva OctoFire Turbocharge – Review

Skiva OctoFire Turbocharge – Review Charging devices has always been an issue for me. You have the one lone micro-usb plugged in, but your Nexus 7 is running low, but your wife’s phone is about to die, and yours hasn’t got much longer! Skiva has come up with a brilliant solution, the Octofire! This handy device plugs into the mains, taking up only one plug socket and then supplie...[Read More]

BlueAnt PUMP HD Sportsbuds Review

“Fully waterproof, completely wireless and utterly durable, these groundbreaking sportbuds redefine how we experience music. From the gym to the open trail and from the streets to the beach, nothing will limit where the beat takes you”. With bold claims like these, BlueAnt have a lot to live up to with their PUMP HD Bluetooth headphones – keep reading to see if they live up to th...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Review

April 11th I was one of the first people in line to pick up the Galaxy S5 from one of my local T-Mobile shops here in Columbia, SC. I actually used the T-Mobile JUMP Program and traded in my LG G2 which I was very fond of. My wife and I had an appointment to get to and I had to wait an agonizing 3 hours to unbox it and begin the process of having fun with it! Just to be clear I paid for this devic...[Read More]