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Why Android Is So Popular For Gaming

 One of the most interesting statistics to come out of the Android/iPhone battle during 2018 was the fact that Android users represented a whopping 78% of all mobile gamers worldwide. Android users are therefore worth eight times as much as the IOS user when it comes to crafting game content and deploying rollouts for the games. As for the breakdown of these kinds of games, puzzle games were the m...[Read More]

How to Secure Your Network

Every step of evolution comes with its own set of pros and cons, and security is no different. Network security has improved so much the past two decades, but in no way is any network invincible. And, as many security breaches have shown us, some think that networks secure themselves, with no input needed from the users. While yes, network equipment can up and running in a few minutes, it doesn’t ...[Read More]

5 Best Online Bingo Apps You can Play Right Now

Love bingo? Well, now you can play at any time, any place you have an internet connection thanks to the proliferation of online bingo sites and apps. Just grab your smartphone or tablet, download any app you fancy, and start having fun. But with so many online bingo apps available, how do you know which are worth your time? Read on to discover the 5 best bingo apps ready to download or click here ...[Read More]

Gaming? The working class man’s virtual sanctuary

Some people would say that gaming is in crisis these days…but is this just some sort of paranoia lurking in the back of their skulls, or rather, do they have the right to say such a thing? You have to know just how big of a statement this is. If you want to dance on the grave of a big “something,” then you better come through with the right facts, or you might as well give up you...[Read More]

Casinos and Real Money Video Games

It is paramount to know at this rate in casino gambling, spinning roulette or playing slot games do not reflect the future. Real money video games are what constitute a significant aspect of tomorrow when considering online casino gambling.  There is now a trend of some new kind of online casinos with the names Dunder, Casumo, and Rizk, which are now substituting loyalty plans for wheels of fortun...[Read More]

How electronic product reviews can impact your buying decisions

According to reliable research findings, 86% of customers read local business reviews before making any purchases. Inarguably, people trust recommendations provided by online reviews just as highly as endorsements from family and friends. Thus, the growth of e-commerce reviews has dramatically reshaped the advertising landscape in recent years. Consumers are less attracted to traditional marketing...[Read More]

How To Choose The Best Remote Control Helicopter

We live in a world where technology advances so quickly it is easy to forget those gadgets that used to lead the way. Drones may be the biggest selling UAVs now but there was a time where the king of the sky was the radio controlled helicopter and airplane. RC helicopters have made something of a comeback in recent years and although they never really went away, their resurgence is likely linked t...[Read More]

Facts Gamblers Should Know Before Considering Playing Online Casinos

What’s the best possible way to kill some free time you have? While the answer will vary from one person to another, gambling remains the most interesting and exciting one so far. The rush of betting money on something –– not knowing whether you’re going to win or lose –– and the thrill of trying to outsmart the person in front of you are just unparalleled. And with online casinos, you could now a...[Read More]

How ride share apps can help to reduce DUI accidents

Over the past few years, researchers suggest that ride share apps, such as Uber, can help in reducing driving under the influence, or DUI incidents. With such services on the rise, it is almost apparent that drunk driving should decrease, especially in cities where this business is popular. The rideshare industry now provides an affordable and efficient way to move from one point to another. While...[Read More]

Best Drones for Teenagers

  Drones are great tech gadgets and there are a lot of different models available on the market today. While expensive, professional grade drones have been popular in the past, more affordable hobby drones are becoming increasingly more popular for consumers. One great thing about these less expensive hobby drones is that they can be used by younger pilots, like teenagers. Drones are easy to ...[Read More]

How Wireless Car Charger makes you Feel Good

Thanks to technology to bring amazing development for smartphones. Wandering for cable is a little awkward nowadays, when wireless car charger has come to light up all other resources. The wireless charging develops at the right time, with the right budget and to improve the charging performance. How do you feel when you get low battery notifications? Lower your excitement level. Don’t worry days ...[Read More]

How to make money using Bitcoin

For the past ten years, Bitcoin has made a name for itself in the world of online finance as one of its most valued currency’s.   Valued at roughly $11,671.30, a Bitcoin could be used to make purchases or buying services online, with the idea of transactions being more secured. It is easy to see why something so revolutionary has made profits for people like Jered Kenna, and Charley Shr...[Read More]