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Technology Behind A Voicemail: How Does It Work?

Voicemail is a computer system that records messages sent through the telephone. It is the most common electronic messaging system in the industry today. A voicemail can be a centralized system used in businesses for carrying, storing, and retrieving audio messages. It is closely related to answering machines, however more dynamic as it allows faster transfer of information between users even when...[Read More]

How To Get The Best Deal in Buying The Best Mini Spy Camera

How To Get The Best Deal in Buying The Best Mini Spy Camera   Securing one’s valuables is an essential quest nowadays. People want to be constantly assured that their important possessions are safe and sound when they are not around. Technology has made it so much easier for people to protect their valuables and be able to keep an eye on them at all times. Through various technological means,...[Read More]

10 Essential SEO Ranking Factors You Need to Rank #1 in 2020

Every year, Google’s algorithms change, making it mandatory for the SEO field to change. This means that some of the SEO tactics that worked in 2019 will not be applicable this year. As an SEO marketer, you have to be updated on some of the current trends in the market, to ensure higher rankings. For instance, you need to check out ultra-modern tools such as keyword.com to track the progress...[Read More]

Best Online Money Making Opportunities in 2020

With technology development, we can now work from home for a company far, far away. Home-based jobs (online jobs) are increasing in popularity over the years just because more people have access to the internet, and there are a lot of opportunities to make money online. You can even bet on horses live on such websites as Twinspires.com and try to guess the winner of the Kentucky Derby. However, ch...[Read More]


What’s better than playing a free game? I guess nothing, but yes, exceptions are always there like wasting a massive amount of time in downloading it and then doing preps to play it. Fortunately, there are loads of fantastic free android games with whom you pass your time at its best level. But here is a question. We all know that free Android games aren’t always as free as it seems. There are pre...[Read More]

Ways In Which Blockchain Could Be Adopted Into The Mainstream

It is true that blockchain has led to some significant seismic shifts in the financial sector and has caused ripples of changes, most of which are positive. However, there is still a long way to go before this network of financial transaction is pushed towards its mainstream adoption. There are still several parts of the world that are not aware of what cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology...[Read More]

Tips On How To Schedule Automated Marketing Reports

Any business today is going to ask for updates and reports. Entrepreneurs and managers alike have learned to master the art of keeping documentation down to the “T.” When you think of reports, more often than not, you think of pages upon pages of boring and nonsensical information, meant for the number crunchers and the statisticians. But that’s all changed. With the advent of the internet, report...[Read More]

Technological School of Elon Musk: Who Wants to Become a Billionaire?

Elon Musk is a real innovator. Being one of the most famous tech billionaires and entrepreneurs, he doesn’t stop astonishing the world with brilliant ideas. Over the years of his business activity, he has brought us lots of cutting-edge technologies, including Hyperloop, Tesla, Starlink, and much more. Elon Musk has always supported the industry of education and achieving learners. For example, he...[Read More]

Explore Nature in Arizona

The Marble Canyon Lodge in Arizona provides an impeccable setting for making memories that last a lifetime. What makes them is the ideal preference for travelers seeking anything. Ninety years ago there was a trading post for the Navajo Nation, and while keeping the custom alive, they evolved into the area’s best-kept secret. No one else offers visitors the variety of accommodations that Marble Ca...[Read More]

The Tech Pioneers Making Mobile the Biggest Gaming Platform

Once merely a more convenient method of communicating with just the game of Snake preloaded, mobiles have grown exponentially over the last couple of decades. Today, in terms of technology and processing power, some are on par with leading computers of old and boast capabilities far beyond merely making phone calls without a landline. Looking at both main lines of smartphones, Apple and Android, t...[Read More]

The OWASP Release Top Ten List Specifically for Web APIs

Web APIs can be an extremely powerful resource for an organization and its customers. Instead of requiring users to manually interact with a website to collect information, a web API allows automation of common tasks or access to bulk data with limited overhead. This increases the efficiency of the system for the user and reduces load on the web site for the owner. However, the power of web APIs m...[Read More]

Playing Pokies for Real Money on Mobile – Quick Guide

Introduction to Playing Pokies for Real Money Pokies for real money are about winning on the reels and pay lines by getting the correct symbols across the reels. Games are available in three- or five-reel choices, with some games offering as many as seven reels, and up to 100 pay lines. The best part of pokies for real money is the high payout percentage you can find with online casinos. Several o...[Read More]