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5 Top Phones For Gaming in 2019

Smart phone gaming is no longer a trend – it is a definitive part of the world of gaming. Many experts estimate that mobile gaming is now around 50% of the overall gaming market, and this number will only increase. Not all smart phones are created equal. If you are looking to connect to the world through games, you may be surprised by the hardware that you need to get. Here is a list of the ...[Read More]

Break Through Boredom With These Free To Play Titles

I’ve been sitting in the car for exactly one hour and twenty two minutes. I’ve flicked through my regular social media feeds, replied to a few emails and watched a short video on making a coffee table using solid oak and resin (for some reason.) The Mrs has been doing the grocery shopping whilst I’ve sat here, bet she got talking to one of her friends from school or someone. She ...[Read More]

Checklist Before Switching Internet Providers

  We can admit that we all have become pretty independent on the internet. Do you want to buy a new item? Online shopping. Do you need to find an answer to any question you might have? Google. Even if you want to zone out and keep scrolling down aimlessly, the answer is social media networks. It’s a fact that the internet has even helped a lot of us in their jobs. But what if you are wo...[Read More]

Get Your Fiber: The Top Benefits of Fiber Internet Connectivity

If your internet isn’t doing the job, you should consider switching to fibre internet. Read on to learn the top benefits of fiber internet.       Fiber internet is something that we all have heard of but we may not totally understand what it is. And if you don’t know what it is, you probably don’t know how it is better than more standard methods of accessing the in...[Read More]

3 Things to Build a Secure Home

When you build a new home for yourself, you find more fun in decorating it than to pay attention to security measures. It is very important to consider the security systems of a home because you never know that when the burglars would attack. So, you have to stay attentive and prepared in advance to avoid any mishap or loss of property or money.  You will find so many amazing sources like iDetect&...[Read More]

Safety Tips for Mobile Casino Fans

One of the reasons why online gambling is a popular activity is the increasing number of smartphone users. Today, you don’t have to own a computer in order to play online casino games. You can spin the reels of your favourite online pokies (slots) and play other casino games like blackjack and roulette using your android smartphone. However, it’s important to keep in mind the risks associated with...[Read More]

The Biggest Games in Vegas

The casino is a bustling, thriving place with plenty of games on offer and nowhere is this more apparent than in Las Vegas. The City of Sin has plenty of fantastic casino establishments with luxury hotels attached and a great deal of games on offer. But what are the biggest games in Las Vegas? Which games draw in the most players and drives the staggering profits and jackpot winners of the world’s...[Read More]

How Fun Is Betting Online On Esports?

Hundreds of millions play online games, and these games can get very competitive. It only makes sense that betting is becoming a big deal now in esports.     The first League of Legends tournament 8 years ago had a prize pool of $100,000 with 1.6 million spectators, this number shot up to $6.5 million with over 43 million viewers in 2018. Just like with any sport, adding the element of w...[Read More]

Cryptocurrency ATMs Bring Easy Exchanges to the Masses

Daniel Polotsky, the CEO of CoinFlip, used his real-life experience to create change. At one point, he tried to make a cryptocurrency exchange at an ATM, but the transaction was a debacle. It wasn’t that his trade was lost or he lost his cryptocurrency, but it just did not pan out with the ATM. Polotsky eventually had to turn to a face-to-face transaction to get the exchange done. As with all chal...[Read More]

Mental Effects in Playing Online Casino Games

There is a reason playing games is super enjoyable, it is said to release dopamine twofold before, during, and after playing, keeping your mind active and preoccupied. Online games in particular provide many benefits; number one being that you can enjoy a great game while staying within the comfort of your own home. When it comes to casino games however, that makes it even more difficult. Not ever...[Read More]

How to Write a Literature Review for a Technical Report

Writing a literature review for a report is a very practical task — there is not much room for creativity here, you just have to follow the basics and you will come up with a satisfying result......

5 Components of an Effective Cybersecurity Plan

A cybersecurity breach is not an issue to be taken lightly, that’s for sure. If you are a business that happens to deal with a lot of digital data, it is essential that you work on developing a 5-point cybersecurity plan.     Here is all that you need to know about each point. A Strong Line of Defense We’ve all heard that the best defense is a good offense, right? Well, we’re here ...[Read More]