How Can You Use the Wireless Internet on an Airplane?

How Can You Use the Wireless Internet on an Airplane? featured

A majority of airlines nowadays offer WiFi services to their passengers during flights so that they can check email, browse the internet, socialize, and even stream music and video. The in-flight WiFi service provided by airlines works on any WiFi device and allows you to access the internet while flying in the air.

Some airlines provide complimentary, free-of-charge access to their in-flight WiFi services like Aeromexico WiFi that you can use for texting, while others charge a fee for the service that you can purchase before the flight or once you are on the plane. If you are wondering how you can use the wireless internet on an airplane, here is how you can do it.

Confirming WiFi Availability

The first thing that you will have to confirm is whether your airline and flight have WiFi availability or not. WiFi availability varies from airline to airline and from flight to flight too. Most airlines including Cathay Pacific have their wifi services like Cathay Pacific WiFi available on most of their flights. You should confirm that your airline and flight have WiFi available. Most of the time flight attendants also inform passengers regarding WiFi availability before takeoff.

If you are in doubt, you can check WiFi availability while on a flight by opening the WiFi settings on your phone and looking for WiFi networks. In the air, the only available network should be from the plane and this will confirm that your flight has WiFi.

Logging Into the Network

Now that you have confirmed that wireless access is available on your flight, you will have to connect to the network and log in. Once you connect to the network, a welcome screen appears on your web browsers, which includes login information, payment options, and general terms and conditions you have to accept before you can use the service.

Sometimes, the welcome screen can take time to load so it is better to wait a few seconds for the screen to load. Once the screen loads, you will have to log in to use any service, including the free ones. Without logging in, you won’t be able to access your email, even if the service is free. Therefore, logging in is essential.

WiFi Packages

As mentioned, some airlines offer free complimentary wireless access during the entire flight or for a limited time, such as one hour and some don’t offer free WiFi and you will have to purchase a plan. If you plan to use the WiFi while onboard, you should buy a package before boarding the plane or you can also do it while on the plane, usually by entering your credit card information. Each airline offers a different package depending on the speed, usage, and time.

Using the WiFi

Once you have logged in and purchased a package, you can use the WiFi and access the internet while flying in the air. In-flight WiFi is convenient for accessing the internet, browsing the web, or checking email, but since it comes from satellites, it does have its limitations. Weather can easily disrupt the service and result in a poor experience. Similarly, when flying in a country’s airspace, access to the Internet may be disabled or restricted, depending on that country’s regulations.

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