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Want to turn on your car from your bedroom? Create a home which you can operate with the simple voice command on your smartphone? Or simply want to keep an eye on the kids while you are at work? With the latest and best smart wireless gadget you can do this and so much more. If you want a seamless, smooth, operational home, consider some of these wireless gadgets to invest in.

Amazon Echo

Turn on your radio from the shower. Ask for the local weather for the entire week. Or ask Google to update you with the latest text messages you received over night or the weekend. With this nifty device you can get updates, news, the latest feeds, and even create a home which operates wirelessly all in one. Affordable, easy to use, and easy to integrate all your wireless devices with this nifty little device from Amazon.

Nest –

If you want a thermostat which remembers your preference, will automatically adjust the temperature when you get home or leave for work, and will help make your home more energy efficient, look no further. This wireless thermostat remembers how you like the home, which temperatures are ideal, and can even automatically adjust them for every single room in the home. No need to adjust, move, and turn up or down temperatures each time you leave or enter the home any longer.

Philips Hue –

This nifty light bulb comes in a variety of shades and colours. It has auto dimming, it is cool to the touch, and will reduce your current energy bill and consumption to a fraction of what you are currently paying in the home. You can even ask Siri to turn on and off the lights if you forget to do so when leaving or entering the home; smart right? With simple apps to connect your lighting to your phone, or other wireless devices, integration and ease of use are truly at the forefront of lighting your home today as well.

With so many new technologies and gadgets being released on what seems like a daily basis, there is always something new to look out for. If you are looking for the coolest, latest, and those gadgets which pay for themselves and make your life a little easier while doing so, these are a few of the many great items you should consider investing in, when choosing new gadgets to install in the home.

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