Just for Fun- Three Popular Themed Online Games

Just for Fun- Three Popular Themed Online Games


It’s the dawn of a new age. You have just entered an entire new world that is waiting to be explored. The basic rules of life that you’ve known all along, like gravity and temperature, no longer apply to where you are. You’re now in an entirely different place that is all yours, full of options and imagination.

Finding yourself in a themed online game revolving entirely around one specific thing like how high you can climb, how much money you can earn and how many bad guys you can defeat is always a thrilling experience that transports you to a world beyond ours.


Here are 3 themed online games that will send you to a world you would very much like to visit:

Just for Fun- Three Popular Themed Online Games

Online Poker

Watching the intensity of poker in movies and hearing stories about how challenging it is to beat the odds and beat the person against you through playing them with mind games rather than your actual cards is something truly fascinating. With the ability to take a tutorial on how to play and always having instructions on the side providing you with information about your cards, you’ll be able to learn and start playing in no time. Choosing your card design and setting up your profile to have the display that you desire for your very own poker game is the least you can do. You can even take it with you everywhere if you just download an app on your phone so that you can play it at home or even when you’re outside.

Pixies of the Forest Slots

Ever wondered where Tinkerbelle, the pixie from Peter-Pan went? Well, it seems like she has gathered a bunch of her pixie friends in the forest to bring you a game of chance filled with magic, mystery and a whole lot of luck. The slots have an enchanting theme that’s complemented by the music and the sound effects that are constantly there while you play. The pixie slots offers features exclusive to these slots, like the tumbling reels effect that turns every winning symbol, into fairy dust so that you can have the potential of winning again in the same spin. You’ll find yourself getting free spins and the potential of a stacked wild effect to come into play and link the reels to give you a chance to win big. As they say when you play on Kerching “the pixies just keep on giving”, and they really do. Start those slots and find out what treasures the magical forest holds for you.

Casino Blackjack

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. A common saying that may not be that true anymore. Teleport yourself into the setting of one of the fanciest casinos in Vegas right now by just clicking on a screen to find yourself ready to start your very own casino game of blackjack. From the fancy tables to the loud music and sound effects of a casino, you’ll find that you have the option to choose how much you want to bet along with the opportunity to interact with the other players. The Vegas casino experience is now brought to you online without the need to actually be there.

Just for Fun- Three Popular Themed Online Games vegas

Which world will you choose?

Every person has their own preference to where they’d personally like to go, and when you can go to a world dedicated to just one thing, you’ll be free to choose exactly where you want to go and what you want to dedicate your time towards. You’re able to surround yourself with whichever theme you’d like if you just go online and search for what setting you want to be around.

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