Action Cam

Review: TEC.BEAN 4K Action Cam

This action camera from TEC.BEAN is one of the many clones of the market leading GoPro products. For me this is no bad thing since the GoPro design has dominated for good reason but they tend to be too expensive for casual users. On opening the box I was a bit overwhelmed by all the accessories inside. Along with a spare battery you get just about every attachment imaginable – cable ties, ve...[Read More]

Activeon CX Action Cam Review

Activeon CX Action Cam Review Many companies have released action cams, but not many have surpassed the GoPro in popularity. So when I found out there is a feature rich action cam for only £100, and it works as well as the GoPro Hero cam, I wanted to get my hands on it to try it out. The Activeon CX blows any similar priced cams out the water, and even pricier models will have to compete. The Acti...[Read More]