The Honor Band 6 – Review

In our most latest review, we’re going to take a look at the Honor Band 6. A reasonably priced fitness tracking smartwatch, marketed around the £40-ish here in the United Kingdom. Although the Band 6 hasn’t even been officially announced yet, we’ve had an extended test period with the device and we’ll be happy to share our opinion with readers here on the site. As you’...[Read More]

RunPhones – Review

RunPhones – Review In my aim to lose weight, I have taken up running, through my heavy breathing was getting annoying. So I was really pleased to test out the wired RunPhones , which offer an alternative to fitness fanatics sick of working out and getting cords in their face. This headband allows you to store the cables out of the way. Imagine a sweatband, but one that has headphones built i...[Read More]

Haloband – Review

Haloband – Review The wrist has been drowned in accessories from watches, to health monitor and of course the recent Google Wear devices. A recent addition is the Haloband, this rubber band adorns your wrist and then extends the phones functionality with a simple tap of one of the three chips in the band itself. No longer do you have to unlock to turn on the flashlight, simply tap your wrist...[Read More]