The games that changed the industry – Fortnite

The games that changed the industry – Fortnite


The gaming industry sure came a long way in the past two decades. Thousands of games made it to the market, and some of them pushed the limits of gaming to new, uncharted waters. Of course, the GTA series is one of those titles that completely changed the way we see OpenWorld gaming.

The idea that you can go anywhere and do anything was recognised by the biggest developers, so they implemented it into other games as well. There would be no Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted, Far Cry, or any other games if GTA didn’t lay the foundations as it did. More and more games started to look and feel like one another by taking the same approach to the gameplay. However, only a few games managed to come up with something revolutionary since GTA 3. 

H1Z1 was released in 2015, and it introduced the Battle Royal mode that became super popular in the following years. It was quickly followed by a number of popular games, but none of them were able to evolve the gaming experience until Fortnite was released. 


What’s so special about Fortnite?


Fortnite came out in early 2017 and it made quite a stir in the gaming industry. It’s a free to play game with a microtransaction system that doesn’t impact the player’s abilities. What started like just another BR type game quickly grew a massive player pool, exceeding 250 million active players at one point. 

What’s surprising is that things didn’t look so great when the game became available. It started as a project with a small following that quickly grew to hundreds of millions of players. The graphics and gameplay in Fortnite are still questionable, but that didn’t stop Fortnite from breaking records in the industry. 

The first thing that made Fortnite such a big deal was the storyline. The developers took a new approach to online gaming, dividing the story into chapters. Each new chapter introduced new items, elements, weapons, and map changes that kept attracting players many months after the game made a debut. If the best sex games followed the same path, people would forget about porn videos completely.

Anyways, as the seasons progressed, the number of players increased. Fortnite developers wanted to figure out what works best, so they created a system that crunches data from all players, trying to figure out what items, locations, and weapons are good, and which ones need improvements. That approach is what made Fortnite one of the most special games in history.


Creativity before anything else


The first season had 10 chapters. The biggest boom happened in season 3 following the incredible trailer for the season. The idea of an evolving world attracted many new players, but it also put the developers under a lot of pressure. One successful chapter had to be followed by many others, but implementing new gameplay moments turned out to be easier said than done.

Epic Games have put an end to their less popular titles and moved the programmers and designers to the Fortnite team. Even so, the capacities were not enough to get things in the right direction, so Epic Games introduced the Creative mode. It allows all players to create buildings, locations, and other elements that could later find their way onto the main map for everyone to enjoy.

The world of Fortnite exploded. The creativity shown by some players left the designers speechless, and it turned out that this approach was the best one anyone could hope for. These porn games are doing the same thing in the adult gaming industry, so give them a try. 

The move to allow players to change the world is definitely something we never saw before. Fortnite is currently in Chapter 2, and it’s just gaining momentum. The newest chapter already introduced massive changes to the map, gameplay, and it’s still Season 1! 


Realistic Physics


The newest 11.25 update that will become available on 20.02.2020 will introduce the newest Unreal Engine 4 physic system called Chaos Physics. It should make the environment more destructible, but it’s still in its early stages. We can only guess what will that do to the gameplay, but most active players are looking forward to it. 

We are also hyped about the new Fortnite season because this one became too boring for us to play. In fact, we decided to try out a few free porn games, and they made us forget about Fortnite completely. Let’s hope that the new features make us fall in love with this amazing game once again.

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