Why are Farming Simulators So Popular?

The genre of simulators is quite large, specifically farming. Farming Simulators are long running game series played by around a million people. Giants Software, the game creator, said that around 8% to 10% of the players are professional farmers. Then, around 25% are somewhat connected to farming in one way or another. Yet, some people are still wondering and left with the question: why are farming simulators so popular? Read further to find out.

1 Why are Farming Simulators So Popular?It gives a sense of accomplishment.

According to Nick Welker from Welker Farms Inc. in order to build and grow, one has to overcome the challenges in the game. This farming simulator involves different aspects of farming such as managing your budget and buying lands next to yours. It also includes getting new equipment that would make farming operations more efficient. Encountering challenges in these aspects of farming and being able to overcome it gives gamers a sense of accomplishment.

It provides an avenue for amusement.

This farming simulation genre is a good source of amusement that the traditional games industry provides. The thought of spending many hours driving a truck or ploughing an entire field across many places is tiring. Luckily, you can now do these exhausting tasks in a very rapid pace using Yesmods. This is how farming simulators work, you wouldn’t even notice how time flew by because you tend to enjoy those tasks that were supposed to be too tedious not only in real life but also in the game.

It is realism at its best.

Farm simulators offer various sub-genres. The realism DNA is one of the reasons why all farm simulators become so appealing to many players.  It is captivating to know that you are capable of controlling the different farming equipment, devices and then be able to recreate a virtual farming scene. Although farm simulators are not able to fully recreate the actual life, it is still pretty surprising how enthralling they tend to be.

It fuels one’s passion for farming.

Combining reality with the restricted capabilities of technology has led to the emergence of simulators. This makes them instant hits to many players and simulator fans. Simulators are the next big thing in the virtual world. Many players use simulators to follow their passion in life.  There are many frustrations we encounter in real life and simulators help us get over it by allowing us to make a solution without the need to put any certain aspects of our real life at stake. This makes people become more passionate to farming.

It knows no age.

2 Why are Farming Simulators So Popular?Many farming simulator fans and users would love to call themselves gamers, regardless of their age. Young ones and teens normally enjoy playing computer games. There are people above 50 years old who are enjoying farm simulators on their iPad too. Time really has changed. Before, games were only for kids but now it has accommodated even the older ones to enjoy it with the presence of games that pique their interest such as farm simulators. These games were designed to cater the interest of players of all ages.

The bond between players and farming simulators is getting stronger day by day. Many real-life equipment manufacturers even wanted to feature their farm vehicles in the game. This makes the game an even more interesting replica of farming in real life.

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