Is the Mobile App About to Get Knocked Off its Perch by the Comeback of the Browser?

For a long time, the mobile app was the smartest and most efficient way to play games, read news or shop online through the screen of a mobile device. But now, with the emergence of advanced technology for web browsers such as HTML5 and faster internet speeds, it seems as though the browser is set to make a return and tussle for top spot. Some are even speaking of the “death of the app,” and there...[Read More]

Themes make a comeback with CM12

Themes make a comeback with CM12 If you’ve been waiting patiently for your favourite theme or themers to get to work on CyanogenMod 12, you haven’t got long to wait now. Earlier this morning the team merged ~13,000+ lines of changes to CM12 for themes. We’ve tracked down the actual information from the developer and we’ll share it with everyone below. We apologize in advanc...[Read More]

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