Xiaomi debuts at CES with the presentation of Mi TV 4

The company introduces its Mi ecosystem, which combines hundreds of intelligent products and more than 50 million devices through its IoT platform   The leading technology company Xiaomi today launched its debut at CES in Las Vegas to announce the Mi TV 4. The Mi TV 4 blows with its 4.9 mm ultra-thin, frameless metal body the Limits of innovation. The 65-inch version has been designed with a ...[Read More]

Save money on the XIAOMI Redmi 2 Pro

Save money on the XIAOMI Redmi 2 Pro   We have teamed up with GearBest.com to offer special price discounts on selected phones, tablets and accessories. This time we’re featuring the XIAOMI Redmi 2 Pro. Although not on the most recent Android version, you’ll get fairly good specs at a very very good price here. These Xiamoi devices sell out in seconds in China and very recently in...[Read More]

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