Xiaomi debuts at CES with the presentation of Mi TV 4

Mi TV 4 featured

The company introduces its Mi ecosystem, which combines hundreds of intelligent products and more than 50 million devices through its IoT platform


The leading technology company Xiaomi today launched its debut at CES in Las Vegas to announce the Mi TV 4. The Mi TV 4 blows with its 4.9 mm ultra-thin, frameless metal body the Limits of innovation. The 65-inch version has been designed with a module approach that includes the Mi TV bar from the mainboard and a sound system that supports Dolby Atmos, and offers a breathtaking TV experience at home that can really compete with the cinema.

At the same time, Xiaomi presented its stand at the CES (LVCC, South Hall 3, # 30309), where over 70 products from Xiaomi’s core assortment of smartphones, intelligent TVs and intelligent routers are presented, as well as dozens of products from the Mi ecosystem for the intelligent Home, health & fitness, personal transportation, intelligent toys and other categories.

The Mi Ecosystem includes hundreds of intelligent products produced by Xiaomi’s ecosystem partners. What makes Xiaomi’s approach so unique in the Internet of Things is the development of and investment in specialty companies to expand its product line in a highly scalable way. As the most successful hardware incubator in the world, Xiaomi has invested in 77 companies that design and manufacture products that go beyond the three core product categories developed by the company: smartphones, smart TVs and intelligent routers.

Xiaomi also announced today that more than 23 million Mi bands and 3.3 million web cams have been sold and that more than one million Mi Air Purifier is sold annually. These smart products are connected via the Mi Ecosystem IoT platform currently consisting of more than 50 million networked devices and the Mi Home app is used daily by over 5 million active users.

Xiang Wang , senior vice president of Xiaomi, said: “We have proved that the Mi Ecosystem model works and we will focus in future on expanding this model both in terms of products as well as geographically. CES is a global event where innovations from all over the world are presented and thus the ideal place to start with our efforts. “

In yesterday’s media event, Xiaomi also revealed the white version of the Mi MIX, a charming work of art with a clear and modern finish. The Mi MIX was first announced three months ago and found great interest. The large display of the Mi MIX developed together with the world-famous designer Philippe Stark has an extremely high ratio of the screen to the body, which is made possible by new innovations which dispense with the physical receiver loudspeaker and proximity sensor. The white version comes in China later this year on the market.

Hugo Barra , vice president of Xiaomi, said: “Xiaomi offers the world a glimpse into the future, as we explore the boundaries of technological innovation in order to offer even more amazing features our users. We continue to push the boundaries with the use of ceramics in smartphones, this time in white, which is a major challenge in terms of yield. “

Mi TV 4: The thinnest Mi TV home cinema with the revolutionary Dolby Atmos


Since its first TV set, Xiaomi has redefined what users expect from an intelligent TV. The Mi TV 4 continues this trend in design, display and audio performance.

With 4.9 mm, the Mi TV 4 is extremely thin. The screen almost reaches the edge and the 4K display is in the center. This is supplemented by the transparent stand.

The Mi TV 4 (65 “) is designed with a modular design, which was used for the first time in Mi TV 3 The TV consists of two parts:. The 4K screen and the Mi TV Bar, both the motherboard and an independent The speakers, a subwoofer and two satellite speakers together form the Mi TV 4 Dolby Atmos home cinema.

Due to this design, the Mi TV 4 can be easily upgraded as the Mi TV Bar is replaced by a new product, the 4K screen of which remains unchanged.

The Mi TV 4 is in China to be available at a later date. The provisional price is well below $ 2,000 are for the 65-inch version, which comes with the Dolby Atmos home theater.

Main features of the Mi TV 4:

  • 4K display (3.840 x 2.160 pixels)
  • Ultra-thin 4.9 mm metal body
  • Quad-core 64-bit flagship TV processor
  • Independent Dolby Atmos cinema sound system
  • Double Dolby and DTS audio decoding
  • Low-level AI system for intelligent recommendations
  • Sizes: 49 “/ 55” / 65 “Available Options:
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