Have a Connected Christmas with Xiaomi

We’ve put together a very last minute Christmas guide with presents from connected scales for the health conscious to speakers for the music lover, there’s a gift to cater for all tastes! We’d recommend popping into their UK store in Westfield, London. Online orders won’t get to you on time…

With the World’s largest consumer IoT platform, Xiaomi focuses on connectivity so that products can be used together, for example the Mi Band and Body Composition scales connect to record and monitor your exercise and health…


Available now for £34.99 from Mi Store, Westfield London

Xioami’s Mi Body Composition Scales offer a realistic picture of your health and fitness. The smart connected scales track ten precise data points including body weight, bone mass, muscle mass, basic metabolism, fat rate and visceral fat levels.

All data is displayed clearly on a simple and intuitive interface through the connected Mi Fit app so that you can see all your data in one easy-to-read graph – making easier to track your progress and take control of your activities. The Bluetooth function allows you to upload data in real-time, enabling you to continuously track changes to your body indexes.

Mi Electric Toothbrush

Available Now for £34.99 from Mi Store, Westfield London

A great electric toothbrush has not only high-frequency vibration, but also exceptional power. The Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush connects to your phone to give you a score based on your duration, coverage, and uniformity.

The small brush head is completely different from ordinary brush heads, using anti-corrosion, metal-free high-density bristle technology.

The smart toothbrush gives three different modes and the customisation feature allows you to set your own brush time, brush strength, and a variety of oral care functions best suited to your diet and daily brushing habits.

Mi Band 3

Available now for £26.99 from Mi.com and Mi Store, Westfield London

For those keen to start the New Year with a health kick, the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is the perfect gift, allowing you to track not only steps but exercise, heart rate and sleep quality.

In addition, you can connect your phone for notifications ensuring you stay connected with Whatsapp, Facebook, text messages and incoming calls.

Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones

Available now for £24.99 from Mi.com and Mi Store, Westfield London

Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones are designed for those who want great music experience during workout without compromising comfort.

Sweat and water resistant, they offer up to 7 hours playback on a single charge and have adjustable ear hooks offer grip around your ears which ensures the earbuds stay in place during workouts.

The Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones are ready to push you further come rain or shine.

Mi Action Camera 4K

Available now for £112.99 from Mi Store, Westfield London

Capture all of life’s moments with the Mi action camera. With 9 different shoot modes, you can capture landscapes, selfies and action shots with ease.

It features a 145° wide-angle for panoramic shots, time-lapse mode and exposure delay mode. This all easily connects to the app on your phone so you can edit photos and videos.

Mi Headphones Comfort

Available now for £34.99 from Mi.com and Mi Store, Westfield London

The perfect accessory for any outfit, Mi Headphones Comfort feature a lightweight seamless design and comfortable headband, with plush, soft ear cups that provide a good seal for noise isolation.

Mi Headphones Comfort offers a remote on the left ear cup that gives you full control over your music and calls without pulling out your phone from the pocket.

Mi Bluetooth Speaker

Available now for £29.99 from Mi Store, Westfield London

Created for audiophiles, Mi Bluetooth Speaker provides outstanding sound quality and supports multiple music playback modes.

Compatible with smartphones, tablets, TVs, laptops and more. Stylishly designed and packed with power, it’s the perfect way to indulge someone in music for wherever they go.

Mi Smart Kettle

Available now for £34.99 from Mi Store, Westfield London

Image result for xiaomi mi kettle

This kettle is as stylish and smart as it looks. When connected to your phone, you can set the chosen temperature and operate the kettle remotely.

It also allows you to keep the contents heated for up to 12 hours…perfect for mulled wine at Christmas perhaps?!

Mi Motion-activated night light

Available Now for £9.99 from Mi Store, Westfield London

For children afraid of the dark and for elderly family members, a warm glow will always light the way.

Using an advanced light sensor and infrared motion detection technology, it automatically activates during night time hours. The light automatically shuts off 15 seconds after motion stops.

With a wide range the night light has a soft illumination and is energy efficient. It can connect to your phone to be controlled remotely.

Mi Power Bank Pro

Available Now for £24.99 from Mi Store, Westfield London

Image result for MI POWER BANK PRO

The Xiaomi 10,000mAh Mi Power Bank is sleek and slim, with twice the capacity as regular power banks.

The micro USB cable comes with a Type-C adapter for a wide range of charging options that support phones, tablets, notebooks, and more. Simply pair with your own cable to charge iOS devices.

With up to 18W fast charging, it intelligently adjusts power output to safely charge each connected device.

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