10 Reasons To Get A Degree In Cybersecurity

security 10 Reasons To Get A Degree In Cybersecurity


There are so many degrees available but which should I choose? This is a common problem faced by many high school graduates. However, if you do not have a specific course in mind, go for a cybersecurity degree. Trust us, it’s worth the time and money and these are not just hearsays, they are backed by experts and professionals in the industry. If you want a job that will sustain long into the future, choose cybersecurity. If you want a job with bountiful opportunities, choose cybersecurity. If you want a job that pays well, you know the answer. And if you’ve already made your decision, you can take this aws cloud computing certification. But if that has not convinced you yet, maybe these ten reasons why will!


1. A Degree in Cybersecurity is Your Iron Rice Bowl

As everyone gets more involved in the digitized world, cybercrimes will rise in proportion. A good example to quote would be Anonymous. They are renowned as an anonymous group of hackers whose members’ geographical locations can stem from anywhere. That is an example of a group of hackers and we have seen what they are capable of doing. Now, apply this to the rest of the world and as a result, we need more professionals to curb against these hackers. A forecast done predicted that unfilled cybersecurity jobs will increase to 3.5 million up from 1 million today. There is no other job that will provide as much job security as one whose demand supersedes the supply.


2. A Degree in Cybersecurity Multiplies Your Salary Exponentially

Back to the model of demand far exceeding its supply. Those who have taken Economics 101 will know what to expect when this happens: the price will increase exceedingly in a free market. That is what the salary of cyber security degree holders will look like. Cybersecurity professionals are amongst those who earn one of the most with their annual salary easily ranging from $90,000 to $110,000. The best part is, this is for less experienced roles, you can imagine what it will be like once you climb up the ladder.


graduate 10 Reasons To Get A Degree In Cybersecurity



3. A Degree in Cybersecurity Pays Its Own Tuition Fees

The typical cost of a degree varies from $20,000 to $70,000. Wait a minute. But, an entry-level cybersecurity degree holder can rake in a salary of about $90,000. That’s right. If you really think about it, technically your school fees can be repaid within a year, and honestly, what other degrees can achieve this? Exactly.


4. A Degree in Cybersecurity Opens Pathway for More Options

Not only are you going to get paid well, but your options within the cybersecurity industry itself are also plentiful. With a degree and sufficient experience, you are open to almost any position out there. Furthermore, you will be joining an industry with one of the fastest growth, meaning to say, some could quite possibly never run out of a job.


5. A Degree in Cybersecurity is Open to Anyone and Everyone

This article might sound daunting to those who are already done and dusted with University, but here is where I bring even more good news. The thing about it is that it is never too late to learn. Degrees can be taken full time or even part-time for those who are already out working full-time jobs with families. Hence, everyone can enjoy a slice of this pie.


6. A Degree in Cybersecurity Does Not Just Teach You Cybersecurity

A cybersecurity degree is also holistic as it not only encompasses hard skills but soft skills like team management and leadership skills as well. This is unlike most technology programs. So, you will be sure to get extensive coverage on both real-life skills and technical skills giving you a more wholesome development.


7. A Degree in Cybersecurity Opens Doors to Networking Night

This is not exactly for those pursuing a bachelor’s, but those who want to further into masters and attend graduate programs. Not only will you be able to further refine your knowledge and skills with regards to cybersecurity, but the graduate program will also allow you to mingle with like-minded individuals. This is important because with cybersecurity being such a dynamic industry, it never hurts to make comrades whom you can learn from and bounce off ideas. This is especially important because cybersecurity requires a wider breadth of thinking.


cash 10 Reasons To Get A Degree In Cybersecurity

8. A Degree in Cybersecurity has Profits that Outweigh Costs

To link back to our previous points, the financial incentives for the industry is nothing to sneeze at with its impressive pay. Aside from the impressive pay that could support the cost of your degree, there are also scholarships being offered to better support those who want to develop their career here.


9. A Degree in Cybersecurity Broadens Your Horizons

Cybersecurity mainly deals with hackers which we also like to call the black-hats. These are the people who utilize their talent and prowess for hacking into large corporations despite it being illegal to do so. There are multiple aspects to the cyberworld and that world is created by codes that humans created. As such, there can be so many ways for hackers to infiltrate. This means that those on the side of good, the white-hats have to figure out what are these additional ways before their contemporaries do. This is why a degree in cybersecurity will open you up to more perspectives, given that you take on the black-hats.


10. A Degree in Cybersecurity is Purposeful and Essential

So far, we have only been going on about how financially attractive a degree in cybersecurity is and some of you might find that a superficial reason that serves as a weak impetus. However, that is not all there is to cybersecurity. Cybersecurity can also groom a person to better achieve greater personal development. Not only that, but the work that is done for cybersecurity can also be said to be a heroic one as cybersecurity professionals prevent cybercrimes. So, it is actually a morally-satisfying job.



If you have read till here and you are still not convinced, maybe it’s time to explore more options. As for those who are, consider taking up a degree in cybersecurity.

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