60 Second App Review – MyScript Calculator

Play Store link

Price – Free

Ads – Yes (although I have yet to actually see any)

IAP – No

Rating – 8

I cant remember ever owning a mobile phone that didn’t come with a calculator app pre installed. The Play Store is also littered with them, many being novice app developers first attempts. To catch the eye or even be considered useful a calculator app really needs to offer something beyond the basics. For most that means adding a varying degree ofscientific functions. MyScript takes a different approach.

When you use MyScript consider your screen as a magic jotter. Write your calculations on the page and as if by magic the page converts your handwriting into a readable font and works out the answer.

My first thought was, thats cool, my second was, is it really useful? After playing with the app for a while and thinking about it, I think it does have a use. If you are not great with numbers it’s a more natural way to form more complex calculations. The fact you can go back and add brackets or other numerals and operators is also a plus.

MyScript isn’t perfect though. There will be a temptation for some to try and input additions the way you would on real paper one number atop the other, and then getting the result. There are other little quirks of the same ilk but once you work them out the app is very natural to use.

MyScript has been around for a while and with over 10 million installs on the Play Store and an average rating of 4.4 stars it is very well received. By using the supported mathimatical functions it is possible to create some complex equations. Calculations can then be shared via the standard android intent.



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