Bedroom Lighting Tips and Ideas From the Experts

featured Bedroom Lighting Tips and Ideas From the Experts

Your bedroom is probably the room you spend the most time in when it’s completely dark outside. While lighting may not seem like a game-changer at first, for the bedroom to be both functional and attractive, you should perhaps consider and include a mixture of different types of bedroom lighting. Lighting is key to getting the mood right in your bedroom, so having the right lighting design is essential for making it a comfortable place to rest your head at night, and to rise and shine each morning. Here we have collected professional tips to teach you how to light a bedroom the right way. 

Layering the lights up

Knowing how to properly layer your lighting is crucial for creating the best lighting for your bedroom. This means finding the right balance between three main lightning types -ambient, task, and accent. Generally, you will want to layer the lighting depending on what you expect to do in your bedroom daily. Proper ambient light includes natural lighting via large windows or any artificial lighting that’ll be enough to perform general tasks like cleaning or making the bed. For doing activities that require more focus, like reading or applying makeup, then consider including task lights on top of the general ambient light. Accent lighting often draws all attention and is used to highlight features such as artwork in a given space while giving off a pleasant glow and creating a cozy atmosphere. 

Pick the right location

Besides successfully layering your bedroom lights you have to consider light placement thoroughly. There’s nothing worse than lying in bed with a downlight glaring above your head or trying to read a book before going to sleep with limited and unfocused rays of light. It is important to ensure you position lights so that when you’re reading, dressing, or simply lying on the bed, they don’t shine directly into your eyes. When designing a room and the lightning it is best to position yourself where you’d be when doing all the tasks you will be performing in your bedroom to ensure the light shines exactly the way you need it to. 

Choose the right bulb

After you are done with all the basic settings of the bedroom lighting, it’s also important to consider the type of bulb you’ll use for each installation. Depending on the bulb’s lighting intensity and the color it emits, it has the potential to positively or negatively affect your mood inside the room and the way you function. There are different brightness levels or lumens, and it is the first thing to choose when it comes to picking the right bulb. The light color also plays a significant role in supporting certain activities. Halogen bulbs typically give off a soft white glow, while CFLs tend to diffuse a spectrum of blue colors. LEDs, on the other hand, can run the color temperature, so these are best used with task lighting to support focused activities. 


#1 Bedroom Lighting Tips and Ideas From the Experts


Use dimmers

To control the different lighting levels in your bedroom, there are three different methods available. You may use multiple switching circuits to operate the several different lights in the room. Another method is to add dimmers, but you will need to be careful as not all lights are dimmable and some that are can only be controlled by certain types of dimmers. A third and most modern method today is adding a small device that can control multiple dimming circuits at once. This might be a complicated, wired-in, or wireless version that must involve a straight swap with a standard wall switch. Whichever you choose, it is very important to hire a qualified electrician to install it properly.

Be bold with lightning

If you rely on the central pendant in a bedroom less than you would on the one in the living room you might ass well make it look sensational. Think less practically and more decoratively and allow yourself to be brave when choosing the right pendant as it might have a wonderful outcome. With so many fascinating options it can be hard to narrow down your favorites but for a start,  if your bedroom has high ceilings choosing a larger pendant shade will create a pretty focal point. If you are more up for an ambient feeling in your bedroom you should consider including some fairy light too. This way you can create an entirely different atmosphere in your bedroom.

Pendant lights and chandeliers

Putting pendant lights on either side of the bed, forms a distinct designer feel but this is an idea that must be planned carefully because it needs to be wired in professionally. This is a very trendy and versatile type of light fixture that makes a big splash in your bedroom’s decor and will surely draw attention. In addition to this, the more formal style of ceiling installation, chandeliers add indisputable glamour and elegance to any room. Even though the largest chandeliers belong primarily in other areas of the home, a smaller fixture may be a good choice for bedrooms too. The most important thing to have in mind here is you will need high ceilings for a chandelier. 

Ceiling Fans

Bedroom lights can be fused with other useful bedroom settings such as ceiling fans, and it is unbeatable options during hot summer nights. It is even often enough to leave off the air conditioning, which provides an additional set of benefits. Not every ceiling fan has an attached light kit, but it is best to get a combined one. Ceiling fans can be flush-mount or semi-flush-mount, and similar to chandeliers, they aren’t a good choice for low ceiling bedrooms. Ceiling fans are often a casual or rustic style, but you’ll find plenty of modern designs well suited for contemporary decor, and white opaque glass is usually the best choice for any bedroom style.


Whether you’re down in bed with an interesting book or getting dressed and ready for work in the morning, your room’s lighting must be designed to meet your daily needs. With these expert tips, you will be sure to avoid any mistakes when it comes to lighting installation and it will certainly help you create a perfect atmosphere according to your personal preferences. 

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