Bluetooth Stereo Headphone, GIVEAWAY

Bluetooth Stereo Headphone, GIVEAWAY

mtpdk_cover  For your chance of winning……….



Please add MyTrendyPhone to your circles on Google Plus. You can find them here

Bluedio TF800 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone

– Bluetooth Version: V2.1 with EDR
– Bluetooth head set with buzzer
– Operating Distance: 15m
– Battery: Built-in rechargeable li-on polymer battery
– Charging Plug: A/C charger
– Dimensions: 150 mm x 120 mm x 60 mm
– Headset Weight: around 105 g
– VOIP: Support
– Multipoint Technology: No
– Music Streaming: Yes
– Multi-function Button On/Off: Yes
– Standard Bluetooth Features: Yes
– Standby Time (hrs): 260
– Talk Time (hrs): 12

All you have to do is circle and reshare as much as you want. A winner will be picked from previous followers and new ones. We will check if you have added them, so no funny business. The competition has to be run via our site because you can’t use a giveaway to gain followers there. Not the exact T&Cs but around those lines.

Winners can be from any European country and the winner will be picked at random in one weeks time. European Only!!

A reshare would be much appreciated. We have reviewed a few items from MyTrendyPhone and they have always been excellent to deal with, they just need some more followers on our preferred social network. You could also add them on Facebook or Twitter but the winner will be picked from Google Plus followers!!


All nice and clear?

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  1. Hey there I like bluetooth stuff

  2. I’ve been looking at a few but have not purchased one yet. Winning one would be great!

  3. Have you guys circled MyTrendyPhone on Google Plus? That’s the only way you can enter. I know it’s a bit tacky but we’re trying to get them more followers. They are our accessories partners and we review a lot of their products.

  4. I never like Wire headphone because I have to solve it while using buy spotify plays every time but this Bluetooth stereo
    Is so amazing and look so stylish and when i use it buy telegram membersand fell good and comfortable in using


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