CSI Android – CamFinger

Ask anyone who gorges on crime dramas and you will know the guys and gals in the labs are wizards at identifying a unique detail that can point to a specific item or person. From fingerprints to ballistics to identifying what typewriter (one for the oldies) produced a page, unique signatures are everywhere. With that said it should come as no surprise that your smartphone also has it’s own unique characteristics that can identify it from other of the same make, model, and batch. CamFinger unsurprisingly focuses on the unique attributes of your camera sensor.

gun camfinger

The app is currently a study, a social experiment to both prove and show that this unique pattern exists and possible uses for it. To take part first install the app from the Play Store then follow the onscreen instructions of taking a series of pictures in good light to let the servers analyse your camera sensors properties. Once completed you will be presented with a unique PRNU (the pattern from your sensor) and a short paragraph explaining what it is, and some stats. A full description of what the PRNU is and how it is calculated is also provided.


You can compare your result against other random results to see how close they match. There is also a sharing dialogue to help spread the word about the app and post your PRNU as well.

For now, this is simply a research project, but it will be interesting to how or even if the concept develops further.


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