Data Science Consulting Trends in 2020

main Data Science Consulting Trends in 2020

As we reach the middle of 2020, it has become more prevalent if we are talking about data science consulting trends this year. Erbis software engineering company has seen this year as the opportunity to embrace the new trends in the big data niche which is linked to the various technologies such as augmented analytics, cloud computing service, and so on. These trends are followed by the software developers and the concerned parties since the new things and innovations have always brought the technology entity to be better. And these trends have a direct impact on how the software developers like Erbis and the clients work with the big data.

Whether you are running a startup, in-house IT team, or other organizations, it is hard to omit the waves of these trends to your environment. Here are the data science consulting trends that we can see through the 2020 year.


In-memory computing technology


In-memory computing technology has also been more relevant for these past five years. It is a great way to find out the exact pattern of the data. It can quickly analyze the big portions of data in no time. However, Erbis experts underline that this technology is more prevalent for real-time data analysis. One of the biggest problems when it comes to data science consulting is that the parties need to deal with the large amount of data. In-memory computing has its own perks against the large datasets. Its impressive performance has gained a lot of attention. Not to mention that it can also reduce the costs and time wastes.


Data operations


The Data Operations, or sometimes called as DataOps is the automation which can improve the data analytic processing speed. Data Operations were emerging on the surface five years ago. Although it is still a new concept, the Erbis seniors in the company are pretty optimistic about implementing this in order to speed up the data analytics process.

It is pretty much easy to understand how this methodology works. The DataOps will automate the data testing including the data science and business intelligence so that the results will be quick. It is still relatively new, but 2020 is believed to be the year of absolution for this trend.


Augmented Analytics as the way to analyze data


When it comes to data science consulting with Erbis, it will revolve around the data analysis. The result of the analysis is a very important aspect which can affect the growth of your company.

The augmented analytics trends focus on the data analysis collaboration with the NLP – Natural Language Processing and the machine learning algorithms.

With such a robust and resilient combination, it gives the concerned party the ability to comprehend the data and how to make different strategies in the future.

Augmented analytics have been in the hype because of its great ways to boost the speed of data analysis. With Augmented Analytics, swe can say goodbye to the time-consuming tasks. Erbis claimed that many of their clients have turned towards augmented analytics as the new solution.


Cloud system


Cloud computing is not a new thing amongst us. We find more and more apps are using this technology. Cloud computing comes as the next data science consulting trend in 2020.

It has been second nature for some people to use cloud technology. Let’s take a look as the easiest example. For the end-users, the cloud service like Google Drive is one of the most common things in this timeline. The cloud data storage platform has been as important as social media for many people. The cloud systems are indeed quick and cost-effective. All users have the same opportunity to get instant access to it.

One can use the apps without even downloading and sacrificing their internal storage of the device. All the users need is the decent internet connectivity and browser.

Upping the scale to the enterprises, Erbis software engineering developers can even customize the environment specifically for their clients. In this data science consulting trend, we won’t only see the cloud platform as it is. Besides the conventional cloud environment, it is also possible to witness the hybrid cloud and multi cloud. These strategies have been adapted by Small Medium sized enterprises, although some larger enterprises also adopt the same thing.


Edge Computing


The edge computing is more massive than we have ever imagined before. For those who haven’t known, Edge Computing is a computing technology which moves the data storage closer to the location where the users would access. The closer it is to the location, the faster the loading time. The Edge Computing can also save bandwidth, which in turn saves the overall operational cost.

The Erbis edge computing is all about the information processing which is close to the end points.  As we know, one of the problems in the data processing is the high latency. The latency problem has greatly affected many industries because it slows down the entire process.

Erbis software engineering can bridge the edge computing with the cloud computing infrastructure. That means you won’t need to be stuck with the centralized servers, rather, the storage will be in the closest place as possible. If you are interested in the decentralized approach, you can rest assured that Ebris company can help you with cloud computing.


CI – Continuous Intelligence


Some people might have missed this trend. But the growth of this trend has actually been happening for two years. Continuous Intelligence is relevant to many companies and startups due to its reliable data-making process.

The CI conducts real time analytics towards the specific business operation. This methodology fetches the previous records and current records of data to make conclusions. The Continuous Intelligence conclusion will help one a lot in the decision-making process.

Continuous Intelligence also uses augmented analytics. Combined with this, the CI can help the enterprises to provide high quality customer support, tailor special offers for specific clients with personal preferences, optimizing the enterprise decision making process, and so on. Our trustworthy source predicted that by the end of 2020, there will be around 30% of new business systems in the US which use CI technology.

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