Nemeio Launches Fully Customizable Global E-paper Keyboard on Kickstarter

Nemeio Launches Fully Customizable Global E-paper Keyboard on Kickstarter

After a successful debut at CES 2019, Nemeio launches its innovative E-paper keyboard that offers infinite customization options, including languages, software preference, and more.


Nemeio Keyboard launches on Kickstarter today, bringing newfound freedom and customization to everyone who uses a keyboard for work or home. Seamlessly shift between languages, programmatic shortcuts, and any other array of custom presets with Nemeio. After successfully debuting at CES with an Innovation Award in 2019, the team worked tirelessly to perfect the product before making it available to pre-order.

Keyboards aren’t one size fits all. For people whose work or leisure requires a variety of software or language settings, it can be frustrating to have a standard keyboard. Consumers are purchasing multiple keyboards to suit each of their needs. This isn’t sustainable or good economics.

Nemeio brings freedom to the fingertips as a customizable keyboard. With E-paper technology, each user can set their preferences based on whatever they desire. Switch from QWERTY to AZERTY or from French to Spanish accents with ease, or add custom shortcuts. With its customizable keys, Nemeio offers the perfect amount of buttons to use, navigate, memorize and change as frequently as desired. Whether you’re using a Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet, Nemeio will seamlessly connect via Bluetooth or USB to optimize your work and save you time working on the task at hand.

“Every country, every profession, and every person needs a little something different from a keyboard,” said Laurent de la Clergerie, Founder LDLC Group. “Nemeio is truly a one-size-fits-all solution, as it can be tailored to each individual user and moment. This time with Nemeio it’s the keyboard that will adapt to users.”

Global Workplace Analytics found that between 2005 and 2017 there was a 159% increase in remote work. COVID-19 sent many more workers home to makeshift offices, and many purchased new supplies to outfit their work stations. Nemeio offers a keyboard that people can use at work and at home.

Now, as remote learning also factors into many people’s technology needs, it’s important to have tools that can fit every need. From shortcuts for business programs to distance learning, this can do it all.

Available to pre-order starting at $199. 

Visit the Kickstarter page here:


Nemeio is a new generation keyboard, resulting from four years of research during which the team carefully observed their users’ needs. With just one keyboard, users have an infinite combination of possibilities. With it’s dedicated app, users can set up their keyboard just the way they like it. For more information, visit

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