Shakti Mat Review

Shakti Mat Review

The Shakti Mat isn’t something I have heard of before. It’s an acupressure mat based on the Indian bed of nails. Thousands of spikes apply pressure to skin and muscles supporting circulation, relaxation, mental clarity and well-being.

Shakti Mat Review

There are multiple ways to use the Shakti Mat, the first recommended way is to roll up a towel, and put the mat on top. This then allows you to lay on it, and the towel is to support your neck. I feel asleep the first time I tested this, I was that relaxed. When I woke up, I also felt a lot more alert then I do when I normally nap.

Shakti Mat Review

The sensation is difficult to explain, you can get an almost hot sensation through the spikes as they are in your skin. I would suggest using a t-shirt first, as they are sharp and I think you need to build up a resilience to it.

When we started doing more exercise, after the walk I would stand on the Shakti Mat with no socks on, and it would instantly relax my feet. There are over 6,000 spikes, so you can use this in a variety of ways, and will always make contact.

One amazing fact about this company is the ethical work they do. The heart of their production is their gratitude workshop in India. Team Shakti aims to care for the women who work there to give them choice, empowerment and a sense of community. These women are supported with good pay, good hours, daily meals, free medical care, sick pay, time off for weddings and other events, and a safe and happy work environment.

For less than £50, this a fantastic purchase. The mat is excellent for cool down after exercises, to relax, or for pain in the body. The fact you know where the money is spent is an added bonus.



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