60 Second App Review – Navbar Apps

Price – Free Ads – No IAP – Yes for full version £0.99 Rating – 4 The app name is slightly misleading here, it’s a single app, not a suite of apps. What it does is allow you customise the navigation bar on your device without resorting to rooting. The first choice you make is the colour you want your navigation bar to be. You can select it to a single unchanging colou...[Read More]

WallBox – Review

A wallpaper application that is a one stop shop for editing wallpapers! To submit wallpapers: The joys of Android customising, and the massive communities around Google Plus, show that guys and gals like arranging home screens often with awesome icon packs and clean wallpapers.  ( I’ll be honest I change things far too much but I can’t help m...[Read More]

Appsi sidebar – Review

    Appsi is your new way of working with your android device. It will save you time and provide you immediate access to anything you may need, like your apps, your call log or your favorite contacts.   Appsi is a sidebar for android that runs as an overlay on top of everything else on your screen, Sidebars and app bars have been hugely popular recently, we reviewed some before along wit...[Read More]