Explore Nature in Arizona

The Marble Canyon Lodge in Arizona provides an impeccable setting for making memories that last a lifetime. What makes them is the ideal preference for travelers seeking anything. Ninety years ago there was a trading post for the Navajo Nation, and while keeping the custom alive, they evolved into the area’s best-kept secret. No one else offers visitors the variety of accommodations that Marble Ca...[Read More]

Review: Vadiv WL02 Sleep Aid Alarm Clock Light

The Vadiv WL02 is a rechargeable alarm clock / LED table lamp that has been specifically designed to help you get to sleep and gently wake you up again. At around 7” wide and under 5″ tall it has a round design with a white plastic base and translucent plastic lamp shade. The LED clock and controls are on the top with a speaker and Micro USB power port on the base. It also comes with an inst...[Read More]