Zenus Masstige Color Point Leather Case Review for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung have taken a lot of flak for their liberal use of plastic for the outer shell of their devices, and for me this has been getting worse with the shiny plastic back on the S4 feeling cheaper and less grippy than my previous S2 with it’s textured back.  It seems they’ve finally started to take a little notice, with the recent Galaxy Note 3 and Note 10.1 2014 edition having a synth...[Read More]

Samsung HDTV Adapter Review

  Samsung HDTV Adapter Review   This adapter allows you to mirror the screen of your Samsung device to any HDMI compatible HDTV / Monitor.  Just plug one end of the cable into your Micro-USB socket, and plug the HDMI cable coming from the TV into the other end.  The adapter was tested with a Galaxy S4 which supports MHL 2.0 meaning it can be powered from the HDMI cable.  While the adapte...[Read More]

First Impressions Of The Samsung Galaxy S4

Opinions will undoubtedly vary with the Droid Horizon team, but this is my personal take on the yesterday’s Samsung unveiling of the Galaxy S4. The Hype and Unpacked Event The teaser videos with that Jeremy Maxwell kid and his glowing box was beyond lame.  This kid is Samsung’s Wesley Crusher or Jar Jar Brinks (depending on your preference).  After watching this kid on stage and listen...[Read More]