The Honor Band 6 – Review

In our most latest review, we’re going to take a look at the Honor Band 6. A reasonably priced fitness tracking smartwatch, marketed around the £40-ish here in the United Kingdom. Although the Band 6 hasn’t even been officially announced yet, we’ve had an extended test period with the device and we’ll be happy to share our opinion with readers here on the site. As you’...[Read More]

Review: Axloie True Wireless Earbuds

For most of us, music is an integral part of our lives. Wireless earbuds are great for hitting the gym, running, riding a desk for an 8 hour work day, or jumping on the bus for a commute across town. We could all use that barrier of our favorite tunes to block out the world around us. With me today, I have a pair of Axloie True Wireless Earbuds. We will take a brief look at how they’ve worke...[Read More]

Polar M600 Review

Polar M600 Review Could this be the smartwatch we have been waiting for, Google’s Android Wear OS combined with Polars fitness tracking. The M600 is definitely aimed at people with active lifestyles, but the addition of Android Wear means extra functionality is available. The Polar M600 is designed to look like an activity tracker, the rubber material surrounds the screen. This is a chunky w...[Read More]